Sooooo St Patrick’s Day is really coming up soon! I can’t believe that already it’s March. The days all feel like a blur to me though with little Natasha already four months old, and Y keeping me busy. I sometimes wish that I didn’t really need to sleep – just imagine how much time there would be to do all these things that I can never seem to get done during the day.

I guess it’s totally worth it to have time to cuddle with the husband though and rest at night like normal folks do.Anyway, I’m a little bit taken off guard with how quickly March crept up. I finished some wonderful printables well in advance, but seem to have gotten behind in sharing them on here. So it’s catch up time! I’m even sharing a new set of addition clip cards for free with you! Do keep an eye out for tons more wonderful St Patrick’s Day materials that I’ll be sharing soon!

St Patricks Day addition cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #stpatricksday, #earlylearning #kidsactivities

St Patrick’s Day Activities: Number cards

Age: 4+
Why: These St Patrick’s Day themed cards are a great way to practice simple addition. These cards can be used in a Montessori environment, as well, and can easily be used to create hands-on activities or as worksheets.


How to make St Patrick’s Day ActivitiesSt Patricks Day addition cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #stpatricksday, #earlylearning #kidsactivities


To start, after printing these cards, I cut them out individually. Then, I like to laminate them for additional durability.

St Patricks Day addition cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #stpatricksday, #earlylearning #kidsactivities

To use our printables, I like to cut apart the cards and keep this work very hands on. I also like to present them alongside a fun manipulative for counting, such as for example Montessori beads or sometimes as simple as beans. Also, I present mini clothes pins.

St Patricks Day addition cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #stpatricksday, #earlylearning #kidsactivities

Note: You could keep the sheets whole, and use manipulatives to help your children count the answer. If you laminate the whole sheet, you could have your child circle the correct answer with a dry erase marker. Laminating lets you reuse the printable. However, I much prefer to cut the cards apart and keep this work hands on!

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  • 21 addition clip cards
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