While I have shown how we use salt trays with Y now that he is learning how to write, today I wanted to also share how you can set up a pre-writing tray for slightly younger children. Of course, with St Patrick’s Day approaching, I couldn’t help but add a little bit of something to combine both themes!

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St Patrick’s Day Activities: prewriting tray

Age: 2+

Why: to prepare your child for writing. This activity will strengthen hand and finger muscles, preparing them for holding a writing utensil later.I remember recently reading an article about how young children are developing problems with proper pencil grasp early on due to the amount of time they spend using devices. Works like these can help to find a good balance and are a great preparation for writing later. Strong muscles in the hand are absolutely essential to learning how to write later.

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How: To prepare a salt tray, you only need a few simple materials. As a base, you minimally need a tray of some sort and salt. Alternatively, instead of salt, you can also use cornstarch, sugar, cornmeal, rice, or small beads. In this particular post, we used flour because my son gets dry skin and flour is more gentle.

For this particular work, all I did was present a few additional manipulatives, such as gold sequins, gold beads, and green sequins for a St Patrick’s Day feel.

For this activity, you can simply create patterns in the flour with your finger. Ask your child to try to replicate the patterns. You can start with simple straight lines, and then move on to more and more complicated patterns.

Some supplies that may help

These items may be useful to setting up these activities! You can click on the photos for more details!


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