Y has gotten to that age where he wants to buy things. Pretty much any lego he sees is guaranteed to get a ‘Mom, Dad, can we get it, pleeeeeaasssseee?’Since he doesn’t really know how much things cost or what money is (also doesn’t help to much that we tend to buy things online or use our debit card in stores), I wanted to create some activities that focus on teaching him how much money is actually worth.

To do this, I created a simple activity using Montessori beads. I only used four of our coins (euro), but you can easily do this with whatever currency your country uses.
Using Montessori beads to teach the value of money by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori #montessoriactivities

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Montessori Activities: introducing money

Age: Yvann is 4 years old
Why: to introduce the child to the value of money. We did this as a basic introduction to demonstrate how much different coins represent.

How: Before I introduced coins and money to Yvann, I made sure that he could count and understand how much those numbers were.

I presented a small mat, Montessori beads, and four different coins.

First, I gave Y a 3 part lesson on the values of the coins. For example, you could say, “This is a penny. A penny is worth one cent”. I said “This is a five cent coin” etc.

Using Montessori beads to teach the value of money by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori #montessoriactivities

After the 3 part lesson, we laid out the corresponding number of beads to make each number. This way, Y got to see how much each coin was worth!

This was a very simple introduction and a first step to our learning activities about money. Later, I will add some printables that we can also use with real coins and beads to increase levels of difficulty. For now, this was a very fun, and easy way to give Y an overview!

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