So, Easter will be happening soon! I literally have no idea how this happened so quickly! Guys, time with two kids – I don’t understand where it goes! Sometimes, the day just seems to drag on, but the weeks and the months seem to go in just a blink of an eye! I so need to get more Easter activities up on the shelves!

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I also need to start planning for my husband’s birthday at the end of the month, or I won’t get anything prepared on time. He already even has a gift planned for me, and mine is in September. He keeps teasing me about it – but I don’t like surprises so it’s starting to get me a little anxious. I need to plan something nice for him though, huh? He does work hard to take care of us, and definitely deserves a break!

Anyway, back to Easter. That’s the first thing I need to prepare for! Today, I am sharing a quick Easter themed learning activity you still have time to set up!

Easter activities for kids: free number clip cards

Age: 3+

Why: Cards like this are a great way to practice counting and number quantity. Alongside a manipulative for hands on work, cards like these help children to visualise how much a number is. This is very important. These are a “second level” above the number cards we use.

When learning to count, it is imperative to teach young children number quantity rather than only number order and number symbols. Remember, just because your child knows the order of numbers 1, 2, 3, etc, does not mean that they know how much a number represents. This is number quantity.

Number quantity can be taught (or reinforced) alongside a simple printable and manipulative. You can use the manipulative to show your child how much each number symbol represents.

Easter activities for kids: free number clip cards

What you need to create your own Easter activities for kids

  • Mini Clothes Pins
  • Free printables (available below)
  • Scissors
  • A tray and items for presentation
  • Optional: Laminating machine 

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How to create your own Easter activities for kids

Print the cards. I like to cut apart each card individually so I can create a hands on work. You can choose to laminate these cards for additionally durability.

For presenting this material, I like to keep it simple, keeping a few things in mind:

  • Use a tray to hold the materials in place
  • Present the exact number of clothes pins that your child will need to complete the activity
  • Place all objects, including the cards onto a bowl or plate to prevent them from moving around.
  • Make sure that the clothes pins you choose are convenient for use for your child. Make sure that they are not too small and do not easily break.

Easter activities for kids: free number clip cards

Ask your child to simply count the quantity of Easter eggs on each card. Then, they can place the clothes pin on the correct number. Alternatively, if you have laminated the cards, you can offer a dry erase marker for the child to circle the correct answer. Another idea is to use a manipulative such as a bead to place on the correct number.

Get your set of Easter number clip cards!


  • 11 number clip cards (0-10)
Download Printables long
Easter Number Clip Cards

Some supplies that may help

These items may be useful to setting up these activities! You can click on the photos for more details!

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