So Easter will be happening soon! I have reaaaally been late with preparing Easter materials for our shelves. Just with all the hospital visits and everything, I’ve been a bit distracted.

I’m finally trying to catch up though! Yay! Today, I want to share a little something that I created for my little niece – a fun Easter inspired shape matching work. I thought these little Easter inspired bunnies were just so cute and silly that I couldn’t help myself!

Easter preschool activities: Easter shape matching

Y helped me to cut out the materials and thought the work was so funny! He’s four and a half so matching the shapes was a breeze for him, but he insisted on doing it anyway.
It was a lot of fun to create this work, as well as work on laminating and cutting everything out with Y! To get your own free set, scroll down below! You can also read about how we set up this activity!

Easter Activities for Preschoolers: shape matching printables

Age: 2+

Why: These printables are a fun way to practice shape recognition and shape matching.

Easter preschool activities: Easter shape matching

How: To present the activities, I like to keep things simple. Everything goes in a tray. The mats don’t tend to move around much, but the cards can go everywhere so I place them in a bowl or in a small wooden tray.

Easter preschool activities: Easter shape matching

I like to keep the presentation neat and simple. Of course, with something like this, you don’t need to even present it on a tray. It’s a fun and quirky little activity.

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Easter preschool activities: Easter shape matching

You could also consider laminating the printables for additional durability. You could add velcro dots for younger children to help keep the cards in place. If you do decide to do that, it could make it easier to take activities with you on the go – for entertainment in the car or, for example, for doctor’s office waits, or restaurants.

Easter preschool activities: Easter shape matching

I do really like how cute these turned out even if they are a bit different than our normal style of work. Isn’t it just so cute with the little bunny shapes??? Y thought they were so silly! He was laughing because ‘mama, bunnies can’t be stars, that’s so funny!’ It was pretty funny (and shows the importance of using realistic images the majority of the time, huh?).

Easter preschool activities: Easter shape matching

Anyway, I thought these little bunnies and carrots were a cute and funny way to get a little bit of Easter fun onto the shelves! You can download your own free copy below!

Get your set of Easter Shape Printables

  • 2 mats with pink shapes
  • 12 bunny shapes
  • 2 mats with orange shapes
  • 12 carrot shapes
Download Printables long
Easter Shape Matching Printables

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