We have recently started preparing out garden for spring. Because we are still (yes, still!) working on our home, our backyard is still home to never ending construction materials. So we started working on the front yard.

While, it’s not the ideal place to plant our veggies, we did start. Y is just so enthusiastic (and so am I) that we can’t wait another year to get started on gardening. One of the plants that we will definitely get to planting this year is green beans! I think they are nice because they grow up so even from my wheelchair, I can access them! So green beans, peas, and anything that goes up is always a win in my book.

To prepare and give Y some background, I created a new set of green bean plant life cycle printables! You can use these to create a hands on unit study to teach little ones all about green beans! I am very excited to combine this with a study of a real plant!

green bean life cycle printables

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Montessori Activities: green beans life cycle printables

Age: You can use these cards for children approximately between the ages of 3-6.

Why: This printables set contains everything you need to teach your students about the life cycle of a green bean plant! This set is perfect for children ages 3-6, or those simply interested in learning more about plants!

Get your set!

 green bean life cycle printables



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