Montessori weaning tables

I recently wrote an article explaining the difference between the Montessori approach to weaning and baby led weaning. Today, I want to dig a little deeper into Montessori weaning tables and spaces. Today’s article features beautiful Montessori weaning spaces!

Montessori weaning tables

Montessori in Motion explains their set up and choices for introducing a weaning table. This article is very insightful and interesting to read.

DIY corporate mom has such a beautiful instagram account! I love how white and open their space is. It is so very peaceful.

One very important part of any Montessori space is that it is designed to meet the needs of the children using it. Healthy Beginnings shares their lovely and practical space. The utensils and items needed for a meal are all placed at the child’s level.

I really love how pretty this table is from Love Joy Wonder! This style chair is one we see frequently. The arm rests are very convenient for younger babies who are less stable in setting independently. 

I love the simplicity and practicality of this set up from Our Montessori Life. The details in this photo are just so beautiful! The aprons are hanging near to the table for children to use. Also, this placemat is just perfect for young children. They can easily learn how to set the table. I really love the addition of flowers and a piece of artwork for children here. Leaving artwork at a child’s level really let’s them gain appreciation for it. This sends a message to the child that the parents value it.Montessori on the double shares a lovely set up. You can also see the practical items that are useful to have for the start (or continuation) of your weaning journey! Again, everything seems accessible to the child, which is very important. Note, these chairs to not have sides or arm rests.

Merry Montessori has a gorgeous blog and instagram account. They share beautiful images and ideas for your Montessori home. This blog is just wonderful and I really suggest you have a deep look for a more authentic Montessori approach (than my “Montessori Inspired” method). 

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