Y has been working on learning the alphabet and learning to write slowly. He’s really much more into math than language works. One thing that he is quite excited about though is getting some name writing practice activities done! Today, I want to share a fun and simple way that you can  help children learn to spell and write their names!

name writing practice #montessori

Name writing practice

This is a very simple invitation for Y to practice writing his name. He is still learning to use a pen. This way, he can learn the order of the letters, feel their form, and recognize letters.


Yvann is 4 years old, but this work can easily be set up for a younger child of around three years old.


I recently ordered a small movable alphabet! I love, love, love this material and so does Y! We have only started using it recently.

One of the first works I created looked like this:

I presented a piece of paper where I wrote Y’s name. I used print because our movable alphabet is also print. The colours also match that of the alphabet.

Y had to get the mat. Place the card onto the mat, and then layout the letters of his name, as I had written them. This is a simple, but fun exercise. He was so, so excited to see his name spelled out! We also used this opportunity to review the phonetic sounds of the letters of his name.

Side note: I do want to buy a cursive set, but they aren’t available so easily in the Netherlands. I would probably suggest just starting off with cursive.


You can also present this work with sandpaper letters or the Montessori Letter Work book. Tracing sandpaper letters helps to form muscle memory, which makes it easier for children to write later.

Y really enjoyed this! For now, this is a very simple look at how to help children practice writing their names! Look out for more writing, spelling, and alphabet works as we continue on our language journey!

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