I’m so excited to be starting a new unit study! For the next few weeks, we’ll slowly be exploring sharks (and hopefully the ocean more in depth, but we’ll see how things go). I’ve been planning to set these up so long ago, but we just have been so preoccupied that I have yet to get to it. I’m so happy to start! Of course, a good starting point for me is to share some fun Montessori printables!

Lately, whenever I plan a unit study, I do it alongside other non-themed activities. I slowly bring out the themed works over the course of a week or two or three depending on Y’s interest level. I like that we don’t only shark-themed activities, but some shark-themed, some non-themed, and then Y can choose which he wants to work on as usual. I think this way, he gets exposed to new topics that I pick, as well as continuing to work on other topics.

The way I choose themes can sometimes be completely random, such as this theme. I thought that with summer coming up, an ocean/sea animal study might be fun. I wanted to expose Y to something new, which this. Many times our units (and definitely our non-themed activities) are interest led. If I see Y has an interest in a particular topic, I provide additional learning materials on it.

Today, I am sharing the very start of our shark themed learning activities with some fun cutting strips. This printables set has both snipping printables and more difficult cutting strips where the child must follow a pattern for practice with precision and hand control.

Montessori Printables shark cutting strips for developing scissor skills

Montessori Printables: Shark cutting strips

Age: 2+

Includes: 5 strips to practice cutting
Why: Practice scissor skills, using proper and safe grasp while neatly cutting along the dashed line.

Toddlers and children learning to use scissors, first learn to ‘snip’ paper rather than cut along a longer line. These printables are perfect for children learning to snip or transitioning to cutting along lines.

Strips such as these provide opportunities for working on scissor grasp with a visually appealing pattern.

Montessori Printables shark cutting strips for developing scissor skills

Note: When presenting cutting strips, be sure to provide a bowl or plate for your child to place the cut pieces.

Montessori Printables shark cutting strips for developing scissor skills

Aside from the cutting strips for snipping, this set also comes with two pages of increasingly difficult pattern lines to cut along. These come in stages of increasingly complicated patterns to follow!Montessori Printables shark cutting strips for developing scissor skills

Get your own shark cutting strips!


  • 4 shark-themed snipping strips
  • 10 increasingly difficult cutting strips with patterns
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Shark cutting strips

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