We are moving along in our shark theme! I’m very excited to be sharing how we are using our shark themed number cards in depth today, creating fun extensions using traditional Montessori math materials.

I absolutely adore using our Montessori materials in the intended way because, let’s be real, Dr. Montessori was brilliant and created amazing materials. However! I like to change things up for my kid. That’s really it. We love Montessori materials, but we also like to explore.

Because we are learning about different types of sharks and ocean animals, I created some shark themed number cards for Y to practice counting. I think this is really the last time I give him practice for counting up to ten. He can add different combinations up to ten, and really gets it. I’m very excited to work on our teens board.

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Montessori counting printables – Shark number cards

Age: 2+

Why: We loved using number cards to practice number order, number quantity, and number symbols!

We have been using materials like these since Y was about two years old. Alongside a manipulative for hands-on work, cards like these help children to visualise how much a number is. This is very important.

When learning to count, it is imperative to teach young children number quantity rather than only number order and number symbols. Remember, just because your child knows the order of numbers 1, 2, 3, etc, does not mean that they know how much a number represents. This is number quantity.

Number quantity can be taught (or reinforced) alongside a simple printable and manipulative. You can use the manipulative to show your child how much each number symbol represents.

To further challenge your child, this printable set also contains number quantity clip cards and missing number cards.

How to use 

You can print these cards on durable paper such as card stock or another thick, quality paper. For additional durability, I also recommend laminating these cards.

You can use number cards like this to practice number order with your child. I like to present them with a manipulative to allow Y to count out how much a number is.

Here are three different ideas for using these shark themed Montessori counting printables.

Option 1:Counting with Montessori beads

Montessori counting printables: Sharks number cards #montessori #montessoricountingprintables

I ask Y to layout the cards in order from 0-9. Then, he places the corresponding quantity of beads underneath each card. This time, we also included numbers from our teens board , as well.

Montessori counting printables: Sharks number cards #montessori #montessoricountingprintables

Option 2: Matching cards

The printables set also contains cards with just the number quantity on them and cards with only the number symbol. I presented a matching work with both sets of cards. The gem stones are available to help count out the number quantity.

Montessori counting printables: Sharks number cards #montessori #montessoricountingprintables

Again, ask the child to place the cards in order from 0-9.

Montessori counting printables: Sharks number cards #montessori #montessoricountingprintables

You can also use these cards to practice skip counting and recognizing odd and even numbers.

Option 3: Writing

Montessori counting printables: Sharks number cards #montessori #montessoricountingprintables

This set of Montessori counting printables also includes a set of number tracing cards. Y has been practicing writing for a while with a salt tray, and is now moving on to using a pen. He really enjoys works like this.

Montessori counting printables: Sharks number cards #montessori #montessoricountingprintables

Here the sandpaper numbers are available to the child if they need to practice. Y doesn’t always use them in these works now, but I like that they are there in case.


Get your set of shark themed Montessori counting printables!

Montessori counting printables: Sharks number cards #montessori #montessoricountingprintables



  • Shark 0 to 9 number cards with number symbol and images
  • 0 to 9 number symbol cards
  • 0 to 9 number cards with images only
  • 0 to 9 tracing cards/sand tray cards


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