I love studying plants and life cycles during this time of year! We have a small garden with lots of strawberries, currants, blackberries, and well, pretty much every berry ever. And not so small. I’ll do a tour one of these days, but it’s pretty amazing to get delicious fresh fruits from our backyard. The plants are also a fantastic learning opportunity for Y. He gets very intrigued about plants and where the fruits come from. Of course, this means it’s time to create some Strawberry Life Cycle Printables and get some Strawberry Life Cycle activities on the shelves!

Montessori activities: Strawberry life cycle #montessori #montessoriactivities

Montessori Strawberry Life Cycle Activities




These Montessori strawberry printables are perfect for learning about strawberries and their life cycles. This set features 3 part cards, using realistic images, a wall art mat, and a life cycle activity. This set is perfect for children ages 3-6, or those simply interested in learning more about plants, gardening, and strawberries specifically.

How to use:

This set of printables can be used to create several activities. You can use the life cycle mats to introduce the life cycle and concept.

Montessori activities: Strawberries life cycle #montessori #montessoriactivities

Optional: You can laminate the printables for additional durability. I added velcro dots to my mats, as well.

Montessori activities: Strawberries life cycle #montessori #montessoriactivities

You can use the 3 part cards included in multiple ways. Of course, the 3 part cards can be used as traditional 3 part cards. For younger children that cannot read yet, you can use them as simple matching cards.

Montessori activities: Strawberries life cycle #montessori #montessoriactivities

Alternatively, you can use the cards as sequencing cards. The child can lay the cards out in the order of the Strawberry plant life cycle.

Get your set of Strawberry Life Cycle Printables

Montessori activities: Strawberry life cycle #montessori #montessoriactivities


  • Instructions for use
  • Ideas for use
  • 6 phases of the strawberry plant life cycle 3 part cards
  • Wall art
  • Life cycle activity mat
  • Life cycle activity cards


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Strawberry Life Cycle Printables

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