Parents often ask me where to start with Montessori. Aside from learning activities, an important aspect of Montessori at home is setting up your space. Today, I want to take a look at some Montessori bedrooms. We will discuss important aspects to focus on when setting up a Montessori space for your child. A Montessori bedroom is functional, beautiful, and, in my opinion, it’s pretty simple. If you are curious about baby spaces in particular, please read: Where to Start with Montessori for Infants?

Remember, when you are preparing your child’s bedroom, you should think about how to make it your child’s space, not your own.  Some of the elements in my son’s room (almost 5 years old), for example, are not ones that I would choose. However, when we picked out things such as closets, lamps, and decorative aspects, those decisions were made with my son. He would tell us if the closet fit his taste, and we helped him to assess whether it was practical, depending on how far he could reach and how many items we could store in them.

Before we start discussing characteristics that make a bedroom “Montessori”, I recommend getting onto the floor, and sitting at your child’s level. Think about what they see and how far they can reach. These two points will be crucial in deciding what kind of furniture you need to get.

Montessori Bedroom Spaces

In a Montessori bedroom, most things that you see will be designed for ease of use by the child. All artwork, book shelves, and even the bed are placed in a way that the child can access them independently. Notice the beautiful details in this bedroom, including a lovely little plant on the wall. The bookshelves look like those Ikea spice racks we have come to love. A few books on display, forward facing for the child, is perfect for inviting young readers to grab a book!

Babies have floor beds so that they can get in and out independently. As your child grows, she or he will be able to get out of bed with greater ease. As they become larger, you could use a bed frame. This room is absolutely stunning – simple, purposeful, and beautiful. The artwork displayed is beautiful, but realistic, as well.

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This space is peaceful and inviting. In a Montessori bedroom, you have a designated sleep area. Beds themselves are simple and are clearly for resting. This is why mirrors are not placed next to the space you want your child to sleep in. This space looks very relaxing, and perfect for sleeping.

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A bedroom also should contain clothing. This child sized clothing rack is perfect for offering children some choices for getting dressed. For young toddlers, you could place the majority of their clothing in a closet. Keep only 2 or 3 outfit choices within reach. This way, your child can choose what he or she will wear, but does not become overwhelmed by choice.

This bedroom is lovely and has beautiful plants in the child’s area. Plants are a fantastic way to purify air, give a beautiful aesthetic to a room, and also to teach children about responsibility. Remember, if you have a baby in the room, that their bedroom should be very, very baby proofed. The pot could fall over or the child can pull it down. If you want to place a plant in a baby’s space, it may be wise to keep it out of reach of the child.

There are so many things to enjoy in this space! Notice the beautiful artwork just above the shelves. Remember, when setting up your child’s space, the artwork should be within their line of sight. Low hanging art is a perfect way to create a cozy, beautiful space.


Oh, this amazing space has many fantastic elements to encourage children to become independent. The child sized furniture is such a valuable addition to their space. The closet you see is perfect for giving toddlers a chance to choose their own clothing. Placing a few items in such a closet will allow children to feel they have control over their clothing, contributing to building up their confidence. This closet is from Ikea’s Kallax collection. You can purchase drawers for it separately. Notice that there is a mirror next to the closet. This is a perfect addition to a care of self space. Also, note the step stool next to the closet.

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This last one is a great example of a modern take on a Montessori space. I love all of those black and white accessories in the room. Plus, checkout those beautiful rainbow themed toys on the shelves! This is a great example of how to create a modern, stylish Montessori area.

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Setting up a Montessori Bedroom

A sleeping space with

  • Floor bed (mattress)
  • Tight, fitted sheet on mattress
  • Avoid: toys, comforters, blankets, any loose pieces in the bed

Care of self space with

  • Low, accessible closet, such as the Ikea Kallax cubbies
  • Limited clothing options
  • A hair brush
  • A mirror

Play space with

  • Low, accessible shelving
  • Low hanging (realistic) art work
  • Safe toys and/or books
  • A mat or small mattress for baby to lay on
  • Optional: A small plant

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