Gross motor development is such an amazing part of baby’s growth! Isn’t it absolutely fascinating and magical how these sweet little ones are born completely dependent on us caregivers? They cannot move about or care for themselves. Within a few months, they are crawling, sitting, and picking up toys! As caregivers, we can set up Montessori baby activities to encourage natural gross motor development.

Montessori Baby Activities: Pull Up Bar #MontessoriActivities #babyactivities

Montessori Baby Activities: Pull Up Bar

Age: after baby has learned to sit independently

Baby N has been mobile and on the move lately. She has been pulling up to stand on annnyyything she can possibly balance on and is working hard to learn this whole walking thing.

Montessori Baby Activities: Pull Up Bar #MontessoriActivities #babyactivities

One of her favourite things to try to stand up on? My wheelchair! She uses me like a push toy – balancing on the wheelchair, pushing me calmly forward, and taking a few woobly, but strong steps forward.

Montessori Baby Activities: Pull Up Bar #MontessoriActivities #babyactivities

Natural Gross Motor Development

My husband and I wanted to encourage Natasha’s natural gross motor development. With our children, we have always given them freedom of movement. This is a very important part of Montessori baby development.

The problem with objects like walkers, jumperoos, or using pillows to sit up baby’s before they have done so on their own is that it places baby in an unnatural position for their bodies. This is because these items put baby in a position that he or she otherwise would not be ready to be in at the time. This can cause stress to their bodies and discomfort.

DIY Pull Up Bar

Once Natasha started pulling up on furniture, my husband put together a 10 minute DIY pull up bar to give her some space to practice standing and taking space.

Note: Most people do choose to place these in front of a mirror so baby can see their reflection. We put ours in front of our chalkboard wall. This was based on our space limitations. However, I do think a mirror would be nicer.

Montessori Baby Activities: Pull Up Bar #MontessoriActivities #babyactivities

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Montessori Baby Activities: Pull Up Bar #MontessoriActivities #babyactivities

N has really taken to her bar and has been practicing a lot with it since about 9 months old. She has been ridiculously fast with her gross motor development though. She’s 10 months old now, but is standing up and taking steps along most of the furniture we have. My wheelchair, and Y’s school shelving being her favourite.

Montessori Baby Activities: Pull Up Bar #MontessoriActivities #babyactivities

Here’s how our space looks. It’s open and easy for N to access. Like I have been writing about before though, because of the work on our house, there are some extra changes that I would like to make. The shelving unit to the side will be gone in a few weeks once our storage space is done! Yay!

Montessori Baby Activities: Pull Up Bar #MontessoriActivities #babyactivities

When setting up your own pull up bar for baby at home, remember a few small tips:

  • Keep the bar itself thin enough for baby to grasp well.
  • Make sure the bar is secured tightly to the wall.
  • Place a mirror behind the bar.
  • Make sure the length of the bar offers enough opportunity for baby to take solid steps.
  • Keep the space around the bar open for acess.

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