We are getting ready to do a big set of fall activities. I haven’t been posting too many of our activities lately. It’s been a bit of a struggle to navigate because N has been into all of Y’s activities! I’ve been super frustrated trying to figure out a way to give both kids what they need. I think I have finally managed to come up with a solution where Y can access his trays and N can freely move around –

I think I have finally managed to come up with a solution where Y can access his trays and N can freely move around – Y and I created a barricade of furniture in front of his shelving unit. I’ll have to share some photos soon, but we basically put a few larger pieces in the living room in a way to create a closed-off space by the learning activities. It’s important for N to be able to move around the house, but some of the activities I do with like the fall themed push pin work I am showing you today, are just inappropriate to have in her space.

I compensated for baby girl though by placing a small reading area in the space that is accessible to her. Hopefully, everyone (including me) will now be much more relaxed.

Well, that’s that! Today, let’s discuss some fall activities!
Fall Montessori Activities Leaf Pin Punching

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Fall Activities: Leaf Pin Punching

What you need to create your own leaf pin punching activities

  • Pin puncher
  • Foam or board for placing paper on
  • Tray for presentation
  • Printables or paper for punching

How to create your own Leaf Pin Punching Activities

I present these works with the push pin in a separate bowl or tray. This is convenient as the push pin does not move around on the tray too much when my son carries the tray.
Fall Montessori Activities Leaf Pin Punching

The idea with this work is very simple – the child uses a push pin to cut out the image on the cards along the dashed lines. Then, the child may choose to decorate the image by coloring it, placing stickers on it, or gluing decorative pieces onto it. Y does any combination of the above!

Works like this really are a great test of patience and work beautifully to strengthen children’s hands.

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A note on safety: Our push pin is not sharp and is large. Using a large push pin is very important, especially with younger children. Small push pins should not be used with children that still place objects in their mouths. Even with larger push pins, please monitor your children when conducting works like this! It is important that they do not place push pins in their mouths!

Get your set of Leaf Pin Punching Printables!

Fall Montessori Activities Leaf Pin Punching


  • 8 Pin Punching Cards
download printables

Some supplies that may help

These items may be useful to setting up these activities! You can click on the photos for more details!

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