We looooove puzzles! Puzzles are such a great way for children to develop concentration, logic, and reasoning. Puzzles are a fantastic way to help children’s cognitive development overall. They help children to learn about the world around them, and exposes them to beautiful images.

When it comes to choosing puzzles (or any material) for my children, I like to look for beautiful materials that are purposeful, but also ones that are made responsibly. That is one reason why I love looking for materials on etsy. I love that we can directly support artists and craftsmen and women who make materials with love and care. Today, I would like to share a few gorgeous puzzles from etsy!

Beautiful etsy puzzles for kids #montessorihome #montessorikids

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Gorgeous Jigsaw Puzzle Finds on Etsy

“the child should live in an environment of beauty” Maria Montessori.

Did you know…?

Puzzles have many benefits for children, including (but not limited to):

  • Visual perception
  • Critical thinking
  • Improve coordination
  • Improving memory
  • Stimulate both sides of the brain

Checkout these puzzles!

This Tree puzzle is so pretty and provides quite a challenge to little children.

I love how this Rabbit puzzle has a smaller one nesting in the larger one. It’s so sweet!

A layer puzzle like this Lady bug puzzle is a great way to get some size discrimination practice.

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These Vintage puzzles are so special. I love the realistic images!

This Gorgeous animal puzzle has such vibrant and beautiful colors. Again, the realistic images are a wonderful touch.

Beautiful etsy puzzles for kids #montessorihome #montessorikids

More Puzzles?

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We love this ocean animal puzzle book! It’s such a fantastic resource for kids!

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These realistic animal puzzles are a fun activity you can set up for your little one!

Realistic animal puzzles for kids

Don’t forget to grab your own free Spring number puzzles.

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Teach your children about weight with baric tablets. These are a fantastic sensorial material.

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Montessori Inspiration at Home

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