Halloween is coming up soon, but it can be a bit of a tricky holiday for us. When it comes to Montessori, we like to include realistic, beautiful learning activities on the shelves for children to explore. That’s why I came up with a collection of some wonderful Montessori Halloween activities! There are many themes that can be included in a Halloween study, ranging from exploring the human body, to spiders, to pumpkin-themed activities. Learn more below! Montessori Halloween Activities and Printables #MontessoriActivities #HalloweenActivities

Montessori Halloween Activities & Printables

Spider Theme

Types of Spiders 3 Part Cards

Spider Life Cycle Printables

Tarantula Printables

Spider Math Activities

Creepy Crawly Printables and Activities

Human Body Theme

Human Body Printables

Skeleton Activities

Human Body Unit Activities

Human Body Activities for Preschoolers

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Pumpkin Theme

Pumpkin Life Cycle Printables

Pumpkin Themed Activities

Pumpkin Seed Counting

Pumpkin Scrubbing

Pumpkin Activities for Toddlers

Hands on October Activities

October Practical Life Activities

October Unit

Halloween Cutting Strips

Gorgeous Hands-on Activities

Montessori Halloween Activities and Printables #MontessoriActivities #HalloweenActivities

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