As you know, we have started studying a farm theme at home with Y and N. Today, I am excited to share a new free printable – Farm Animal Activity pages! These cute printables can be used as coloring pages, but we did something a little different…

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Farm Animal Activity Pages

Age: If your child can scribble, you can use these!

Skills Targeted: This activity is a great exercise in creativity and self-expression. Other than that, the target here is to use a glue stick. This is a very important skill that children should learn how to do. It’s a wonderful exercise in working hand muscles and developing hand-eye coordination.


Materials Needed


When I present activities such as this (guided crafts), I like to keep them open-ended. Basically, I present the materials and Y can choose how he will use them to craft. I don’t like to tell him how to make his art, only provide the technique if that is something we are learning.

As always, I present the works on a tray to keep everything neat.


To create the sheep activity, I presented white cotton, glue, and of course, the sheep page from our Farm Animal Activity Printables.

As a finished product, Y created this


To create the cow’s spots, I used black construction paper. I cut out several shapes and then placed them in a bowl. Again, glue is needed.

Y’s result:


I have to say, this one was absolutely my son’s favourite! He went totally mad for it and covered the chicken from head to toe in feathers. Even Natasha was excited to explore the feathers.

I like to keep the materials neatly on the tray again. Well, you get it. Trays contain the mess and leave a clear space for cleaning up the materials. It keeps things from going everywhere, which is very nice with a curious baby exploring.

There you have it! A few simple ideas for using coloring pages to create fun crafts with kids! Be sure to grab your freebie below!

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Farm themed printables bundle


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I also love her farm animal babies cards! We are using these for art in baby Natasha’s room!

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I hope you have a fabulous day!