I’m really excited to finally show you an inside look into our learning activities! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve really done a post like this. This week, we spent some time discussing farm themed works and activities. Today, I’m going to show the works we used with Y (5 years old), but keep a look out for the matching activities (toys) I prepared for N, as well!

Montessori Farm Activities for Kids #montessoriactivities

Farm themed learning activities

Age: You can use these activities for children approximately between the ages of 3-6.

Milking a cow simulation

We did this a few years ago and y loved it! Since then, we have gone on visits to farms. It’s so wonderful to see things we learn about at home being experienced in the real world by Y. We live in a rural area, surrounded by farms, so things like this are pretty easy (and so fun) to arrange!

Montessori Farm Activities for Kids #montessoriactivities

For this, all you need is:

  • a glove
  • a bucket
  • push pin
  • water
  • optional: tray

To do this activity:

  • Fill the glove with water and tie the end shut with a thick knot. Make sure it is secure. Do not make it too full.
  • Hold the glove by the fingers so the water is on the other end.
  • Use the push pin to poke small holes in the fingers of the glove.
  • Call the child over.
  • Hold the glove in one hand, fingers now pointing down.
  • Demonstrate to the child how to squeeze water out of the glove.

While you are giving the demonstration, it is best to avoid talking too much. Usually, when I am showing my children something, I let them focus on whatever it is that I am doing. Before or after, it may be nice to discuss what is happening and why. In this case, you can say the glove resembles a cow’s udder.

Sensorial – guess the animal blindfolded

Y doesn’t like to be photographed so I don’t have an action shot of this one, but Y loved, loved, loved it! I put a blindfold on him, and asked him to pick an animal. He had to tell me what it was. He kept asking to do this one over and over!


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Farm animals and their babies 3 part cards

We used these beautiful farm animal 3 part cards from Mama’s Happy Hive!

Montessori Farm Activities for Kids #montessoriactivities

I love the isolated, real images on this set of materials! The images are very beautiful!

Montessori Farm Activities for Kids #montessoriactivities

You can get these beautiful printables from Mama’s Happy Hive!

CVC word writing

Here, we used only the pig and cow. First, Y tried writing the words using the movable alphabet. Even though the alphabet is normally presented with all of the letters, I selected only the ones Y needs for these two words.

Montessori Farm Activities for Kids #montessoriactivities

Beginning sound matching

I set up a simple beginning sound work for Y. We are working hard on letters and reading lately. I asked Y to match the farm animals to their beginning sound.

Montessori Farm Activities for Kids #montessoriactivities #montessorifarmactivities

You’ll also love our farm books for kids!

Animals and their products

We used the Animals and Their Products printables from my farm printables set for this activity. The cards consist of assorted animals and the products they make. Pretty self-explanatory, huh. Just, ask your child to sort cards based on the animals and the products they make!

Montessori Farm Activities for Kids #montessoriactivities

Present the work by placing the animals and products separately. Take all of the animal cards and lay them out in front of your child. Pick one product. Place it underneath the first animal. Does it go together?  If not, move onto the next animal. Does this product correspond to the animal? If yes, place the card underneath the animal. Take another product. Do this until all of the products are underneath the corresponding animal.

Chicken Life Cycle

We used the printables from my Farm themed printables bundle to explore the life cycle of a chicken.

Montessori Chicken Life Cycle Printables

I created a simple set of Chicken Life Cycle materials. These used only real images so your child can really understand the different phases. Y was so fascinated to learn how a hatchling looks after leaving it’s egg!

Montessori Farm Activities for Kids #montessoriactivities

Three part cards like these are really great for helping children to absorb and retain new information. I really like to use them for these sort of themed units with a lot of new content for Yvann.

Read the Full Article: Chicken Life Cycle Printables

Montessori Farm Activities for Kids #montessoriactivities

You can read about how my friend Vanessa used these printables to create some awesome felt chicken life cycle activities!

Useful For Your Chicken Life Cycle Activities

Farm Animal Crafts

We used the printables from my Farm Animal Craft Pages to make your own animals!

Farm Animal Activity Pages - Farm themed Printables Welcome to Mommyhood

Read the Full Article: Farm Animal Crafts

 Montessori Farm Activities for Kids #montessoriactivities

Get your set of Farm Themed Printables Bundle!

  • Farm animals and their products sorting cards
  • Living and non-living farm items classification
  • Chicken life cycle printables
  • Farm animal coloring pages


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Farm themed printables bundle

Useful For Farm Activities

More Farm Activities

Enhance your farm unit with these awesome Farm Themed Books

Farm Books for Kids #farmbooks #books for kids

Read the full article about our Chicken Life Cycle Activities

Montessori Chicken Life Cycle Printables

Or grab our Free Farm Animal Craft Pages

Farm Animal Activity Pages - Farm themed Printables Welcome to Mommyhood

Visit Mama’s Happy Hive for some awesome felt chicken life cycle activities!


More Fall Activities

Fall Leaf Pin Punching

Fall Montessori Activities Leaf Pin Punching

Oak Tree Life Cycle

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