I’m so excited to be sharing a new thematic unit with you! Today, I am sharing our Montessori Russia activities and printables! This is a theme dear to my heart because this is where I was born. At home, we speak Russian (and English and Frisian). I really loved putting together these activities to show my son more of me in this way.

It means so much to me to be able to share my culture and background with you! Let’s get to it!

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Montessori Russia Activities and Printables

Age: 4+

Culture 3 Part Cards

I created a few sets of culture cards to give children an impression of Russia. I like to keep these materials limited to a few items to prevent children from becoming overwhelmed. First, we studied famous places in Russia using 3 part cards.

To complement the 3 part cards, there are information cards about each place. I read these aloud to Y.

The 3 part cards and information cards can be used together, as well.

Of course, our study of Russa just had to include delicious food from my childhood! I make these types of dishes often so it was really fun to explain to Y where they come from!

Biomes Sorting Activities

We explored the environment and nature of Russia. I created biomes sorting cards based on the nature of Russia. I wanted to go beyond just studying places, but to help teach children about the diversity and beauty of the country. Afterall, it’s absolutely huge so there is quite a wide range of wildlife and habitats there!

I created biomes sorting materials:

  • Information cards that describe the details of the biomes. I read these aloud to Y.
  • Title cards
  • Image sorting cards

All of these materials have a colored border that can be used as a control of error.

When you get the full set, there are six cards per activity.

The free version contains two image cards for kids to sort.

Preview Our Free Biomes Activity


  • Biomes Information Cards
  • Biome Sorting Cards – 2 cards per biome

Download Printables long

Russia Printables

My absolute favourite activity to make was this animal sorting work.

Y had to place the animals on their corresponding biome. I really like the beautiful images of nature. This work became a bit of a pretend play activity as the animals started interacting. I really love watching his creativity grow with these materials!

This material comes with a control of error because the animal cards have borders that correspond to the biome they belong to. If you do not like such an obvious control of error, simply cut the cards alongside the inner border.

Note: I also made the animals somewhat relative in size. The chipmunk is much smaller than the bear, for example. I still kept them large enough to be usable.

Animals 3 Part Cards and Information Cards

We studied some Russian animals, too! I included 23 animals to keep the list a bit manageable! I created 3 part cards. We used them after a 3-period lesson

To complement the 3 part cards, I also made information cards with simple facts about each animal.


You can also have children match all of the cards to each other.

Or Try the Full Set

Montessori Russia Unit Study Printables #montessoriactivities


  • 6 Famous Places 4 Part Cards
  • 6 Traditional Foods 3 Part Cards
  • Biomes Information Cards
  • Biome Sorting Cards – 6 cards per biome
  • Animal Information Cards – 23 animals
  • Animal 3 Part Cards – 23 animals
  • Bonus Animal & Biome Sorting

Download Printables long

Russia Unit Study Printables

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