Do you love fall? In spite of the rain here, I do love watching the leaves change color, the slightly cooler weather, tea, scarves! I love it all! When it comes to learning activities, it’s also a wonderful time to study so many fascinating topics for children. They observe so many beautiful changes in the world around them. Inspired by Y’s curiosity and observations of the trees in our yard, I created a beautiful shades of leaves printable for children.

Shades of Leaves Printables for Kids

Age: 3+


The purpose of this work is for the child to place the cards in order from lightest to darkest, following the sequence of the changing colors of a leaf. This printable set uses only real photos, demonstrating the transition a leaf makes in the fall.

Yvann noticed that our birch tree leaves were turning yellow, and starting to fall. I love how children are naturally so inquisitive and so drawn to nature! Simple activities like this one are a good way to take a real experience and teach a tangible lesson. It’s really quite fun, most of all!


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This sort of work is a great way for a child to use visual discrimination skills, as well as practicing logic and reasoning. These skills are important for children to develop. A work like this is a nice way to encourage those skills because it is fun, interesting, and engaging.

As an extension, you could even collect some leaves after going on a nature walk. Then, examine the colors and see if you can sequence them in order of lightest to darkest, as well! You can learn more about how we have incorporated fall-themed materials into learning activities in our Fall Activities for Toddlers article.

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This is really a simple work to present. I simply store all of the cards neatly on a rectangular tray that is just large enough to hold the cards.


  • Present with a magnifying glass for children to explore details of the cards up close
  • Go on a nature walk and collect different leaves. Have the child sort the real leaves and the cards.

Get your set


  • 11 leaf cards
  • 1 control mat

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