Do you have a child who adores animals? I know I have 2! They just love learning about different animals, how they behave, and where they live. Y is really interested in understanding how different families function, including animals. If we see a bird outside, he will me, “Where is the bird’s mama?” I know these questions are common, so I want to share some gorgeous Montessori Forest Animal Printables made by my friend Katherine from I Believe in Montessori! Here are a few ways we used them!

Montessori Forest Animal Printables and Activities #MontessoriPrintables #forestanimalprintables #forestanimalactivities

Montessori Forest Animal Printables

Age: 2+

Forest Animal Families

First, we used these beautiful cards in the way intended – as a matching/category work. To present this work, I kept the stacks separate. For younger children, you may not want to offer all of the cards to prevent the child from becoming overwhelmed.

To demonstrate, take one card from the leftmost stack. I chose to place baby animals there. The cards with both the mother and offspring, I placed on the right.Montessori Forest Animal Printables and Activities #MontessoriPrintables #forestanimalprintables #forestanimalactivities

Lay out all of the cards from the left stack. Next, take one card from the center stack. Place it next to the first card. Are these a match? If yes, place this card down. If not, then go to the next row. Do these match? Continue to do this until all of the mothers and animals have been matched. Do the same for the third stack.

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Montessori Forest Animal Printables and Activities #MontessoriPrintables #forestanimalprintables #forestanimalactivities

For this work, we used the photos with both the mother and the offspring as a control of error. Y is 5 years old. If you have younger children, I recommend adding an additional control of error. You can draw a matching shape on the backs of each individual set. Alternatively, you can put dot stickers of different colors on the backs of each set. The control of error should be something that children can use to check their work independently of asking adults.

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Use as Beginning Sound Work

For older children, you can also use them to create a fun writing or beginning sound extension! First, I grabbed our sandpaper letters. Y had to match the letters to the names of the animals.

Montessori Forest Animal Printables and Activities #MontessoriPrintables #forestanimalprintables #forestanimalactivities

You could also present these cards with the Montessori movable alphabet for children who already are familiar with letter sounds.

Montessori Forest Animal Printables and Activities #MontessoriPrintables #forestanimalprintables #forestanimalactivities

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