With the holidays approaching, I wanted to share a few ideas for some unique and beautiful gifts for toddlers. With the holidays approaching, many of us are really thinking about what to get our children. We want quality, engaging materials that won’t just be thrown into a corner and be forgotten about.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you out! Today, we’ll be talking about Montessori friendly gifts for toddlers! Now that baby girl is actually a toddler, these are actually items that we have thought about. This list only contains items that either we will be getting for her or items that we will suggest to family members.

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The Best Montessori Gift Guide for Toddlers

Before we get started about the specifics, I do want to include a few notes. My friend Ashley from Diamond Montessori (a trained teacher), recently posted a very good point about “Montessori Toys” – they don’t exist. Yep. Take a moment to soak that in. Dr. Montessori created materials to be used in an educational way for a specific purpose. These weren’t really toys, right?

That being said, there are specific qualifications that make materials Montessori friendly that we can use at home. Note, I am not talking about home schooling here, but free play, toys!

Today, I am going to be sharing ideas for good quality toys that would make wonderful gifts for a Montessori family or a Montessori home, but I am leaving out Montessori materials for academics – so no number rods, no sandpaper numbers, no object permanence boxes. These are toys that can compliment your child’s time outside of school hours, whether you do school at home, at school, or however you do it!

My other “disclaimer” is that when it comes to toys for my children, I always go for open ended materials. I also look for quality over quantity. My husband and I have a budget per child and we stick to it! We prefer for them to get less toys, but to get ones that they will love and use rather than filling up our house with more.

This list contains many items, but I am not suggesting you need to get all of them! I am providing ideas for toys and materials that we enjoy that we believe are useful for children. You can look through this list and pick one or two that resonate with your family!


Simple Puzzle

Jumbo Knob See-Inside Puzzles – Animal Friends
Puzzled Fruit Wooden Peg Puzzle

Wood Photo Knobbed Puzzles For Kids

Melissa & Doug Easy-Grip Peg Puzzle


Books, books, books! When it comes to Montessori homes, we often see more realistic images in the items we use. I personally am a big fan of this. I don’t like non-sensical books with purple cows or strange storylines. We recently purged so many books with mean crocodiles and really, not logical stories. Not all of our books contain real photographs – many have beautiful, quality artwork.

When it comes to books, my point isn’t to only go for real photography, but I do urge you to be picky and go for good quality books that will entice the child.

Global Babies

Guess How Much I Love You
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Baby Animals In the Forest

Books about the forest #booksforkids #preschoolactivities #forestbooks
Goodnight Moon

Practical Life

Crumb Cleaning Set

Small Glass Pitcher
Nylon Knives

Child Safe Cooking Accessory Set

Open-Ended Toys

Play Dough Stampers

Beautiful wooden lacing toy
Shimmering Water Rainbow Block Set

Rainbow Sound Blocks
Grimm’s Wooden Stepped Counting Blocks

Assorted Rainbow Stacking Blocks

Gross Motor

Wooden Rocking Boat

Gonge Hilltops for climbing

Pikler Triangle


Animal Figurines (such as Schleich or Safari LTD)

Musical Instrument Set
Family Peg Doll Set
Indoor Plants

This Post is Part of the 12 Months of Montessori Series


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