Tips for an Environmentally Conscious Christmas

With the holidays in full swing around us, we can often get lost in the joy, chaos, and just work of it all. While the holidays can be such a fantastic time of year, I think that there is something that we may be likely to forget - how to care for our planet. 

Even though we are so focused on creating a beautiful celebration for our loved ones, there are several changes that we can make to our routines this holiday season that can really impact our planet. 

Tips for an Environmentally Conscious Christmas

Choose alternative gift wrap that are gorgeous

Gift wrap can be quite an art of it's own. However, it can also lead to So. Much. Rubbish. Plus, in order to make the wrapping paper, many trees will need to be cut down. Let's try to minimize our waste this year with a few small tips! 

1. Of course, if you receive gift wrap, please, please, please do recycle it! 

2. Have you seen this gorgeous DIY for cloth gift wrap? I mean how awesome is this? You can re-use it so many times, or even re-purpose it after receiving a gift wrapped in this! 

Don't feel like a DIY project? I get it, you're already super busy. Don't worry! You can purchase some cloth gift wrap here

And get some ideas for how to wrap a gift with this stuff from this cute tutorial!

3. Checkout all of these fantastic ways to use newspaper as gift wrap

Ditch the glitter 

While we may love how beautiful glitter is, the reality is that it can have a seriously harmful environmental impact. Glitter is made from tiny pieces of plastic, called PET. 

Because microplastics, such as glitter are so small, they can become a food source for many animals. The amount of glitter ending up in our oceans is growing, and marine animals consume this stuff. 

The thing is, it's not just whales and plankton that eat microplastics. When fish consume them, humans who end up consuming seafood, actually end up inadvertently consuming microplastic via the fish. 

While glitter is so fun for our craft projects, the consequences are pretty... well... not fun. Let's ditch the glitter and stick with craft projects, beauty supplies, etc that just aren't filled with the stuff. 

You can read more about the environmental impact of glitter here

If you are looking for a "glittery" gift though, did you know that Lush is developing gorgeous products that contain alternative forms of glitter. You can read more about this here

Choose candles consciously 

Here's the thing with candles - paraffin candles contain petroleum residue, which makes them poor choices for your health and for the environment. The good news is that you can purchase candles made from soy, beeswax,  or natural vegetable-based wax.

These options are better for the environment because they are biodegradable.  

Go for local 

Where you can, try to support small business, and local shops. There are even some toys and brands that create products from recycled materials. Isn't that so cool? 

Whatever you do decide, just try to be informed. Learn about the shops, toys, materials you purchase. It may be worth it to buy less, but to spend more onbetter quality, green products. 

Pay attention to the lights

During this time of year, we are surrounding by absolutely stunning lighting! Our homes can be fully decked out with beautiful Christmas lights! I love looking at them. 

I'm not going to go on and on too much about this, but what I will urge you to do if you haven't already is to replace old lights with LED ones. These use less energy and last way longer than incandescent light bulbs. 

By the way, a bonus-win with LED lights? They are cool to the touch, making them less of a fire hazard when in your tree. So not only are you doing the environment a big favour, you are making your gorgeous Christmas-y home safer! 

Shopping bags

Oh, my! You can definitely accumulate a large collection of plastic bags from all of those holiday shopping trips. Whether it is groceries, gifts, supplies, or whatever else we absolutely need to create the perfect holiday atmosphere in our homes, we can make a huge impact by avoiding these plastic bags. 

Instead, opt for paper. Or better yet, grab a re-usable bag (or several) that you take to the store with you each time. The plastic bags won't be annoyingly taking over that one drawer in your kitchen, and you will make a huge impact on the environment. 

This is a tip you can apply all year long! Plus, you can grab some canvas bags, and decorate them yourselves! Or have your kids do it! How fun, right? 

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