Do you guys still have lots of snow? We still don’t have any on the ground. Even though we don’t have what I would consider a real winter, we are covering a big Winter Unit at school. So I created some Winter 3 Part Cards!

You know, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed that we didn’t get some snow this year. The kids do love it! We’ll have to leave it at these interesting winter word cards for the children to learn vocabulary. And maybe make some snow play dough.

Instead of snow, we have had some insane weather here last week! Dangerous winds were so high that we had a code orange weather conditions! It was so horrible, I couldn’t even go to teach!  I hid out in my home. Eek. Winter is a crazy time of year here.

Montessori Winter 3 Part Cards

Montessori Winter 3 Part Cards

Age: You can use these cards for children approximately between the ages of 3-6. Younger children can use the image and control cards for a matching work (2 part cards). Older children that are starting to read can use these as traditional 3 part cards.

Why use 3 part cards? 

Using 2 and 3 part cards is great for helping children to understand and master information. For this particular work, the children will get an introduction to different types of winter objects.

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First, I always present Montessori 3 part cards on a custom tray. Instead, you can use a normal tray and different bowls/plates to contain the cards. The idea is that they should remain separate and should not move around on the tray.

This organized presentation helps children to easily identify how to use the work. This also makes it easy for children to recognize where each item goes when they are cleaning up (an important step to completing any work).

Montessori Winter 3 Part Cards

Use the image cards in combination with a Montessori 3 part lesson to teach new vocabulary to kids. Here is how I present new vocabulary:

  1. Take the tray and place it on your mat on the ground (or table, or wherever you work).
  2. Lay out the image cards in front of you. Leave enough space for control cards to the right of each image card, and labels underneath each image card.
  3. Next, match the label cards to the image cards. Place them underneath each image card.
  4. Check your work by adding the control cards to the right of each image card.
  5. Gather the materials, and put them back on the tray.
  6. Bring the tray back to its spot on the shelving unit.

Now it’s your child’s turn!

Montessori Winter 3 Part Cards

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  • 18 Word Cards
  • 18 Image Cards
  • 18 Control Cards

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