Do you have a budding reader at home? Learning sight words is not intuitive – you cannot sound them out like you can other simple words or CVC words. Sometimes, an extra activity to practice reading (or writing) these difficult words can really help children! Today, I am sharing our Snowman sight words cards that can help children to learn these tricky words in a fun way!

Winter Activities for Kids: Snowman Sight Words #winteractivities #sightwords

Snowman Sight Word Printables

Age: 3-6 (likely 5+)
Why: You can use these cards to help children practice reading sight words. Sight words are common words that are used the most frequently. However, these words do not tend to follow rules of phonics that one would typically use, or have exceptions to spelling rules. Because of this, children are sometimes encouraged to learn sight words by memorizing them.

You can use materials like this to help children remember and practice reading sight words.

How to use our snowman printables

There are many ways you can use this single set of cards! Here is an overview of some of the materials you can use! You can use this one set to create many different types of works to keep children engaged.

Winter Activities for Kids: Snowman Sight Words #winteractivities #sightwords

1. Read them

Of course, introduce these cards and simply practice reading them together! Take turns, or have the child (or children) read them together.

2. Match them or play memory

You can print two sets of cards and use them as a matching work. Children will have an opportunity to practice reading and seeing the spelling of the words.

3. Use with a writing tray

You can have the child practice writing the words with a writing tray. Dr. Montessori believed that the hand is essential to learning. When children practice writing in this way, they really are likely to remember spelling!

Winter Activities for Kids: Snowman Sight Words #winteractivities #sightwords

4. Use with a chalkboard

Or you can present a chalkboard for the children to practice writing. Don’t forget to provide a stand and an eraser.

Winter Activities for Kids: Snowman Sight Words #winteractivities #sightwords

How would you use such cards?

Winter Activities for Kids: Snowman Sight Words #winteractivities #sightwords

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