We are really enjoying our China-themed activities now that Chinese New Year is approaching. Today, I am sharing several activities we have done to introduce China. These are meant to give an overview.
China Unit Study


I am so excited to start teaching my son geography, history, and generally about other cultures! It’s so interesting to watch children learn about different ways of life. The materials I am sharing today can be added to an Asia continent box.


Geography and Culture Activities: China Unit Study

With Y, I used our Beautiful places in China image cards to discuss the different types of architecture, buildings, and history of China. These were used to simply add an introduction to the country and really to spark an interest. We discussed what we saw and what we thought of the different places. The set of cards includes some natural spaces as well as buildings and man-made items.


To present these cards, I just placed them on a tray. I gave a 3-period lesson on the names of the spaces, and then we discussed the cards.


For older children who are reading, you can also use our Places in China 4 Part Cards!

Beautiful places in China 3 Part Cards and information Cards #montessoriprintables

My lego lover was so excited to learn about all of this amazing architecture and design, that he even created this –

He built this completely on his own without any urging from me! I love to see how he takes a lesson or something we learn and can interpret it in his own way. Really, a Mama’s-heart-is-melting moment!


We also used our Free panda number cards to practice number order and counting. I present black beans as counters, a felt mat for containing the work, and (optional) sandpaper numbers.

At this point, Yvann (5 years old) is a pro at counting, so we took it to the next level by adding the numbers. I would present two number cards, and he would add the sums, using the beans as counters.


One of my favourite ways to practice writing is by using a salt tray. We used a Panda salt tray cards to create a fun writing activity!

I exchanged the salt for small, red beads. They were a little bit annoying if spilled, so next time, I will use a tray with a higher ridge. All in all though, it was so fun! We even added a chopstick as a writing tool.

*Note: I add these variations occasionally for my son’s writing work. However, I would recommend if you are introducing a writing tray for the first time or the child is still really learning how to use it, to keep it simple. Use salt or sand to prevent distraction and to help the child clearly identify how to use the work. I only offer variations after an initial understanding of the material is present, whether this is at home or at school.

Practical Life

Of course, I can’t help but show you some practical life materials! My 5-year-old is no longer interested in them, but my one-year-old is craving them! Here are a few ideas for a China Unit Study!

Another option is to present black beans. I created a spooning work.

Or use rice. Note, how the spoon is in the middle. I prefer this presentation because this way, you are not encouraging the child to choose one hand over the other.

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