We are really loving our space theme at home! I am so excited to share with you all of our activities – exploring the planets’ surface and even learning fun facts about our solar system. For now, I want to dive right into our hands-on space counting activities with our space shuttle printables!

Hands-on Space Counting Activities

Age: 3+

Why: You can use number cards to practice number order, number quantity, and number symbols!

When learning to count, it is imperative to teach young children number quantity rather than only number order and number symbols. Remember, just because your child knows the order of numbers 1, 2, 3, etc, does not mean that they know how much a number represents. This is number quantity.

Number quantity can be taught (or reinforced) alongside a simple printable and manipulative. You can use the manipulative to show your child how much each number symbol represents.

To further challenge your child, this printable set also contains number quantity clip cards and missing number cards.

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We practiced counting with these space shuttle printables. They have numbers represented in 4 ways:

  • number symbol
  • number word
  • dot quantity
  • tallies

Together, these are like a puzzle. I left the number word attached to the symbol because my son isn’t reading so well yet. For a child that is reading, you can cut along the black line to separate this part.

How to use

Print all of the cards on durable paper, such as cardstock. This keeps the cards looking nice for longer periods of time or for use with multiple children.

I didn’t need to provide any manipulatives. We used them like puzzles!

Y was so proud of his work! He really concentrated on counting out each of the dots and tallies! It was a great work not only for number order and number quantity but also in testing patience and concentration.

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