Spring is the perfect time to learn about butterflies! I am so excited to start seeing beautiful butterflies, bees, and flowers blooming outside. Since spring is starting to make it’s appearance here, I thought I would share a simple butterfly size sorting activity you can easily set up for your older tots or preschoolers!


Butterfly Size Sorting

Age: 2+

Why: You can use this printable to reinforce the concept of small vs large. Children will practice sorting butterflies based on size. The correct size butterfly is pictured next to the word on the mat.

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Print your set of materials on durable paper. You can laminate for multiple uses. Also, consider adding velcro dots to the printables if you will be using with younger children. It’s a little bit difficult to see, but we used velcro dot stickers on laminated pages.

There’s something about velcro that younger kiddos are just drawn to(and let’s be honest, my 5-year-old still loves it)! I don’t know if it’s the “magic” way that paper sticks together or the noise, but my kids love anything with velcro!

This simple printable activity really got their attention. Sorting by size is a really great activity for younger kids!


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Butterfly Size Sorting

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