Personally, I love cooking with my kids! One of the reasons why it is so important to me is because I feel that I am taking care of my family (or friends) when I prepare a meal for them. It’s a way to serve others. As Dr. Montessori explains,

“Joy, feeling one’s own value, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and capable of production are all factors of enormous value for the human soul.” M. Monetssori

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When it comes to my children, I think it is also important that they are able to have experiences serving others. Cooking is not only a practical skill that they should learn, but it is also a kind and loving thing that we can do for one another. By cooking for the family (or their friends), they can have an experience of feeling useful, productive, capable, and strong! Isn’t that just fantastic? Today, I am sharing some fantastic cookbooks to make cooking with kids a little more fun!

Cooking with kids: Fantastic Kids Recipe Books

The Mom and Me Cookbook has a great layout! I love that the instructions are step by step with real photos. This really makes it so easy for kids to read the recipes themselves.

This next book is hands down my absolute favourite! The Forest Feast for Kids: Colorful Vegetarian Recipes That Are Simple to Make. It is just plain beautiful! I love that it has real photos of the food, but also has amazing artwork that is just stunning. Plus, healthy vegetarian recipes? What’s not to love?

The Toddler Cookbook is another great cookbook with step by step photo instructions. I found that the pages are busy with text, but that this is balanced by the photography that shows children the steps. Even though the book is called a “toddler” cookbook, I find it more appropriate for Y who is 5 years old. He can really work with such recipes more or less independently. Obviously, a toddler would require more parental involvement.

Your Kids: Cooking! is another one that uses real photos. I like that it is simple to follow and has real photos for instructions.

Again, Children’s Quick and Easy Cookbook and Little Cooks: Fun and easy recipes to make with your kids have real photos that are easy to follow. They are great for a child to try to follow recipes on their own.

Both Cooking Class: 57 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love to Make (and Eat!) and Kid Chef: The Foodie Kids Cookbook are a bit more advanced in terms of how the books are written. However, they are quality cookbooks with lovely recipes!

I really love the layout of Kids’ Fun and Healthy Cookbook! It’s so easy to follow and really beautiful.

More Cooking with Kids Resources?

I hope you have a fabulous day!