One of the spaces I love to set up in my home is our kitchen! I love to create a warm, inviting Montessori kitchen space where my children can exercise independence. We spend so much time cooking there, grabbing snacks and drinks, and cleaning up.

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When it comes to creating a Montessori kitchen space, I often see beautiful, but expensive or massive lists of what you should have. I wanted to share with you the basics that we keep on hand. These are items that give our children enough space to be independent without causing us stress – even if every item is dumped out on the floor by my one-year-old, cleaning up is still done in 5 minutes. However, if they need to grab a snack or a drink, they can still do so! Win-win, right? Here’s what we keep accessible to our kids.

What do you need for your Montessori Kitchen?

spreading knife is also a great tool for beginners!

A good set of safe, appropriately sized knives is absolutely vital. Alternatively, you can also use chopper for younger children. A stainless steel knife is a good tool for children that already know how to safely use a knife. Please read more about teaching young children to use kitchen knives here.

*I know I wrote that we keep everything accessible, but this is within reason. Our knives and cutting materials are not kept within reach of my one-year-old. My 5-year-old can reach them, but this is a decision you need to make for your home. Note, I am not suggesting that your children use knives unsupervised. Use your own judgement about what is appropriate for your home.

An apron is a very useful item to have for children. It prevents so much wash and saves many shirts in our home!

small wooden cutting board is very important for food preparation.

We love having a lovely glass pitcher for serving drinks!

nonstick rolling pin is such an important tool. It should be a children’s size for ease of use for little hands.

Tongs are another important tool.

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fruit and vegetable peeler is a very important tool, as well.

Safety is very important – oven mitts are necessary for baking or handling warmer materials in the kitchen.

timer for grabbing those delicious baked goods out of the oven at the appropriate time!

An apple slicer makes snack preparation so much easier!

An egg slicer is a very important tool. You can use them for preparing more than just eggs! Strawberries, mushrooms, avocados and of course eggs, are all great ways to use them!

Easy recipes for kids: avocado egg salad for healthy breakfast for kids

Cleaning up is an important part of the cooking process. This lovely brush and dustpan set is perfect for clearing up messes from food preparation or eating. A brush like this is also very important for scrubbing.

Placemats and napkins are also a great addition to children’s kitchen materials.

Optional: A learning tower or step stool so your child can reach the countertop is very useful!

Bonus: Sets

This amazing set has pretty much everything you will need to get started! If you’re looking for a set, this one is great! This baking set has everything you need to have your little one making delicious cookies!

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