When it comes to holidays, my family loves to celebrate, cook special meals, and spend quality time together. Since we have started plunging into minimalism, one thing I am trying to be very intentional about is gifts and, well, stuff! I really want to avoid accumulating a bunch of junk-toys that will be thrown into a bin and forgotten about. With Easter approaching, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about non-candy Easter basket ideas for my kids. Let’s have a look at some ideas for younger kids.

Easter Basket Idea

My son is super into crafting and tinkering lately. He loves to transform cardboard boxes into boats, spaceships, or race cars. He loves to create books from fun crinkly paper and stickers. This inspired me to create an Easter basket of craft materials!

What to include

  • stickers
  • fun, special paper: crinkly paper, foam paper, etc
  • colored pencils
  • pencil case
  • foam stickers
  • pom-poms
  • washi tape
  • pipe cleaners

Other Easter Basket Ideas

  • Books
  • Socks or other small clothing articles
  • Sunglasses
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or other drawing materials
  • Chalk
  • Jump rope
  • Playdough
  • Puzzle
  • Small lego or duplo set
  • Grimms Rainbow Dolls
  • Toy Cars
  • Animal figurines, such as Safari Ltd or Schleich
  • Magnetic building blocks
  • Mirror building blocks
  • Board game
  • Healthy favorite foods

More Themed Easter Basket Ideas

This awesome inventor’s kit would be a fun idea!

Try this peg doll family kit for a child that loves to craft!

13 ideas for a Montessori Easter basket

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