With spring and St Patrick’s Day approaching,  colors and rainbows are on my mind. Today, I wanted to share a small themed shelf you can set up for babies or young toddlers filled with gorgeous rainbow activities and materials! I am setting up some rainbow works for my son (5 years old) and wanted to share a few rainbow activities for babies or young toddlers you can use.

Babies don’t need learning activities, but can be included in a theme! Why? Because I like a good theme! We rotate our toys regularly so placing a few materials that tie to a theme for both kids can be fun. Let’s get to it – here are some beautiful rainbow activities for babies or young toddlers!

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Rainbow Activities for Babies or Young Toddlers

When Natasha was under one year old (and still really now at 15 months), she loved this Grimm’s Beads Grasper and her rainbow colored skwish.

Younger babies also tend to enjoy a toy like this Rainbow Rolling Wheel. It is great for encouraging movement!

Grimm’s is well known for it’s gorgeous rainbow stackers. We have a 6-Piece Rainbow Stacker  that both my kids love! Grimm’s also makes a Large Rainbow Colored Stacker.

At 15 months old, Natasha adores her Rainbow Peg Dolls. She matches them to the correct colors about half the time, but this works fantastically for a hand-eye work. This is really a wonderful toy for little ones.

rainbow toys for babies

Please do note, when I present this toy to her, I leave the dolls on the shelf and place the cups on the tray separately. This way, the work is not completed and she can easily see what needs to be done. You can read more about how I present such toys and puzzles in this article.

Rainbow Playsilks are another fantastic option for young toddlers and babies to explore colors and soft textures.

Of course, books are a fantastic addition to a baby’s space or activities. One of N’s favorites, since she was itty bitty, has been Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? I love that even my son (who is not reading yet), can “read” her this book due to the repetition. It is a great book we can enjoy as a family. Another great rainbow book is Planting a Rainbow!

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