We are loving phonics activities lately! I have been trying to get lots of new language resources done done done for my kids at school, including my own 5-year-old, Y. The Beginning Sound Clip Cards I am sharing with you today were a labor of love! I wanted them to be absolutely perfect before presenting them to you or to my own kids, but I am thrilled with the result. Let’s get to chatting beginning sounds and phonics!

Y had so much fun with these! We love, love, love these smaller clothespins that are durable enough to withstand my toddler, but small enough for my 5-year-old to use comfortably!

Beginning Sound Clip Cards

Age: 4+


We use these cards to practice beginning sounds. The cards all represent phonetic sounds. I tried to choose images that would be generally known to children. They are fun and engaging for children!

The cards feature only lower case letters because most of our written language is lower case. Children see these letters more frequently and are more likely to recognize them.


Print, cut, laminate, and done! Well, just add a manipulative for extra fun!

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You may want to consider adding a control of error. This can be a small dot or sticker on the back of the card where the correct answer is.

This set was a HUGE hit with my struggling reader. He’s having a hard time with letter sounds and we are definitely taking things at HIS pace. I’m keeping things slow and taking his lead.

Psst! At 5, I expect my son’s days to be filled with playing outside, exploring nature, and playing with Lego more than doing academic work. That being said, when he is interested in something, I make sure to give him the opportunity to learn about it!

I created the set with some Montessori principles in mind. I wanted to make sure that children could easily use them.

  • real images
  • easily identifiable objects
  • clear font
  • hands-on component if used with clothes pins

BONUS TIP: laminate the cards for extra durability and use a ring to secure them to each other so you don’t lose any cards.

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