Do you have a student or a child that loves dinosaurs? My son is currently super interested in dinosaurs! From books, to hands-on activities, to lego constructions, our home is full of dino-talk! My son and his best friend had a blast exploring some of our dinosaur activities!

Dinosaur Activities – Fossil Matching

Learning about dinosaurs can be so fun! My son had a friend over when I had just set up a few dinosaur activities on our shelves. The boys took to this particular activity straight away! They were so excited to see what the skeletons of different dinosaurs looked like!

How to prepare

Print on durable paper. You can laminate for additional protection, especially if you will be using these cards with multiple children.

This set comes with a control card so that children can check their work independently. However, you may want to consider adding another control of error. One way to do this is to add corresponding dot stickers to the backs of the sets. Each set gets one color.

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The dinosaur cards show clear images of the different dinosaurs.

You can even present the fossil cards with magnifying glasses so children can study the different parts of the dinosaurs up close!

Get Your Set

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Dinosaur Fossil Matching

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