I love, love, love Montessori learning! Learning happens logically it seems as activities and materials build upon each other incrementally to create logical absorption of materials. When it comes to language, we have been slowly working on learning to read in English with Y. Let’s discuss some activities you can set up to help beginning readers. Today, we are sharing short a sound activities.

Montessori Pink Series Short A Printables for beginning readers

Montessori Pink Series: Short A

Age: 4+ (likely closer to 5 and up)

Please note: These activities should be introduced after the child has mastered letter sounds and has been introduced to materials, such as sandpaper letters.

The Montessori Pink Series printables set contains a series of materials that is incrementally more difficult and is intended to help children develop reading skills.

Montessori Pink Series Short A Activities #montessoractivities, #pinkseries

After children have mastered letter sounds, you can start to introduce simple words for children to practice reading words. Simple words, consisting of consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) are easiest to start off with. It is useful to also gather some useful supplies to support your child’s language journey.

Language materials

Montessori Pink Series Short A Activities #montessoractivities, #pinkseries

What kinds of activities can you present?

  • Match word cards to picture cards
  • Use the picture cards in combination with the movable alphabet
  • Use word lists to practice reading
  • Use figurines with the movable alphabet
  • Match figurines to word cards

Montessori Pink Series Short A Activities #montessoractivities, #pinkseries

Aside from these short A activities, the printables set contains all of the vowels. After the child masters one vowel, then you can mix up the activities even more. Present 3 part cards with short a and o sounds, for example. This adds an extra level of difficulty of activities.

Afterward, you can introduce beginning readers with simple sentences for children to practice.

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Montessori Pink Series Short A Activities #montessoractivities, #pinkseries

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