There is just something so exciting about space! My son is just so fascinated by the solar system, our planets, and learning about it all! Today, I want to share a small book that we created to learn about our solar system. This is a very simple DIY, but one that my kids have loved!


Space Activities – DIY Solar System Book

Age: 4+
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Amazing book: Space Discovery Plus

I really loved creating this set! The language used on these cards is simple, but informative. Basic facts about each planet in our solar system, as well as the moon and sun are provided.

We used our finished in multiple ways. Of course, the initial idea was to read it together. Not only did my son enjoy learning many interesting facts about our solar system, but he was very excited to practice his own reading skills.

You can use these cards in many ways. We really enjoyed using them as a book, but this is not necessary. We adored exploring space with our solar system materials! One of the ways we used our solar system book was in combination with our other solar system materials.  You can also use them alongside our 3 Part Cards set or Solar System Up-Close cards.

This way, you can use these materials together as a 4 part cards set and to teach children a deeper understanding of our solar system.

At home, my almost-six-year-old was just beyond excited to use our binding machine to create our solar system book!

Here’s a look at how we did it step by step!

What you need

  • Cardstock or durable paper
  • Solar System Book Printables Set
  • Binding machine
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Laminator

How to prepare

Print your solar system book pages on durable paper. You can laminate for additional protection, especially if you will be using these cards with multiple children.

First, align the cards very neatly. Punch the holes first.

Next, I measured the length of the book. I cut off the binding to be the exact length of the book.

Lastly, the binding has to be placed neatly onto the machine. After that, stack the pages onto the book. Start with the last page, and end with the cover.

Once the lever is released, the book will be finished! Here is our final result:


Get Your Set

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Solar System Facts Book

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