I love, love, love apple season! Think about it! Apple pies, tons of delicious apple flavors, and apple cider! Mmm! I just can’t wait to go apple picking, to cover our home activities with a fun apple theme, and to get my apple pie play dough made! Plus, finding amazing apple books for my preshcoolers! Can you tell that fall is my favorite time of year? Did all of the exclamation points give it away?

Seriously, I just adore all of the amazing opportunities for learning, and I certainly don’t mind the small drop in temperature. This summer was brutal. I cannot even say that I remotely minded putting away my summer shoes and getting out my fall scarves and boots last week as we returned to typical Dutch weather – wind, occasional rain, and clouds.

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Today, I want to provide some suggestions for your for your apple theme. Today, we are discussing apple books! I adore a good read, and really try to encourage my own children to pick up books during the day. I am sharing a small list of some great apple reads that you can find for your kiddos. There are so many great ones that I would recommend going to your local library so you can get your hands on them all!

Apple Books for Preschoolers

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Apples for Everyone is a great book with real photos! The sentences are simple and hold young children’s attention.

An Apple’s Life is a great book with real photos! This one is great because the sentences are simple and will be able to retain the attention of younger children. This book is actually part of a series with several amazing life cycle books! I cannot wait to collect more of these!

An Apple Tree’s Life Cycle is a gorgeous book that shows children exactly what the title says – the life cycle of an apple tree! Again, the real photos are fascinating and perfect for inquisitive children to explore.

Apples by Jacqueline Farmer is a more difficult read and may be more appropriate for older children. However, I just love the illustrations in this book! They are stunning and look so interesting. You could read several passages from this book or use the photos as talking points.

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The Apple Pie Tree is a beautiful book for children. This book is special in that it is written from the perspective of a little girl. It also follows the life cycle of an apple tree, but can be more fun and interesting for children because it is written from this perspective. Children love to see themselves represented in books and the things they study in this way.

Johnny Appleseed is a classic book that many children will read. I chose this particular version because it is a part of the Ready to Read series. For younger children, you can read this book out loud. As children learn to read themselves, they can practice with this book!

I really love this book! How Do Apples Grow features beautiful illustrations. They are drawn, but are realistic in style. The book does contain long passages, but is still doable with younger children. You may want to consider skipping some passages or reading this book in chunks with younger children.

Apple Picking Day is another great one for children that are starting to read or for younger children to listen to.  The sentences are simple and short enough to capture the attention of younger students. The images in this book are wonderful, too!

I Am An Apple is a cute book with simple sentences and unique cut paper artwork. I really like this style as an alternative for real photos. The sentences are simple to read and work well for younger children. This book is about the life cycle of an apple.

Apple’s Here is one my favorite’s on this list! I cannot tell you how much I just adore the illustrations here! This book shares the different seasons and life of an apple. It is truly beautiful!

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