It has finally cooled down here! Finally, finally, finally no more crazy hot days, but nice cool Dutch winds are back! I am beyond excited for all things fall – pumpkin, apples, and scarves! I really want to take the kids apple picking, but in the meanwhile, we will be sticking with our apple activities to get the kids excited and learning! Today, I want to share some fun apple activities for kindergarten that can help children practice their CVC words!

Apple Activities for Kindergarten Literacy Activities

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Apple Literacy Activities – CVC Sorting

This is a fun apple activity you can set up for your beginning readers! Children can use the apple cards to sort them by their vowel sound.

This printables set comes with 5 vowel mats (a, e, i, o, u) with an apple tree and basket on them. Then, children can take the apple cards with real images of different objects on them. These cards can be sorted onto the corresponding tree.

How to prepare the cards

I recommend printing this material on heavy-duty paper or card stock. I highly recommend adding a control of error to the back of the cards. You can write the vowel sound on the back of each card so students can check their work independently. Do this prior to laminating.

After printing the cards, you can cut them out by cutting along the dashed border or cut out the individual apples. I love how the cutout apples look personally, but that does take a while.

Because I prefer how the cutout apples look, I also laminate them. These measures allow me to use the materials over and over again without appearing worn.

Materials you need:

  • Apple Activities for Kindergarten Printables
  • Laminator
  • Scissors
  • Marker or pen
  • Optional: small objects corresponding to CVC words

Alternative Ideas for Apple Literacy Activities for Kindergarten

Instead of using printables for the different objects, you can consider using small objects. Children can sort the different objects onto the letter mats. Alternatively, they can even match the small objects to the apple cards and place both on the mats.

Another way I am very excited to try this is with a sensory bin. This isn’t necessary, but sometimes, they’re just too fun to resist! I will take a tub and hide the apple cards there. You can add some nice fall themed materials like straw, oatmeal, cinnamon sticks, or colored rice.

Creating a sensory bin

To create a sensory bin, there are several things that I like to add as a base:

  • a large tub with high enough sides to prevent too much spillage
  • a base, such as oatmeal, lentils, rice or pasta
  • themed materials and accessories (such as small apples, pom poms, cinnamon sticks, etc)

For an apple theme, I recommend using something like green lentils or colored rice to give a fun thematic look to the bin!

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