We are loving all things apple theme around here! We have covered a lot of apple theme language activities, but today, I want to share a simple idea for some apple math! These number clip cards were such a hit with my kids! I love that we can use them in a hands-on way with some carefully chosen manipulatives.

Apple Math – Number Clip Cards

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I recommend laminating the cards for durability. When you use them with clothespins, the cards can bend and may not last for that long.

If you do not have clothespins, you could use something else for the child to indicate the answer. For example, you can ask them to put pom poms on the answer or color in the answer with a colored pencil.

With my preschoolers, I really like to use these particular clothespins. They are smaller than the adult sized ones, but still provide an excellent opportunity for children to practice developing those hand muscles! Developing strong hand-muscles by doing activities that focus on strengthening the pincer grasp and fine motor skills will prepare children’s hands for writing, cutting, and basic skills that are a part of everyday life.

Without strong hand muscles, they cannot tie shoes, glue paper, etc. This is why I like to add small elements that contribute to hand strength and fine motor development in our learning activities where ever I can.

Presenting apple math activities

I like to keep the presentation simple with these works. Keep only the materials you actually need on the tray and during the demonstration of this material.

To set up the work, I recommend the following materials:

  • Apple math printables
  • Small clothes pins that are convenient for children’s fingers
  • A counter or manipulative, such as apple seeds or pom poms
  • 2 (or 3) bowls
  • Tray

I keep each material separate and in individual bowls when presenting this work to my students. The counters should be in a separate bowl, as well as the clothespins. I also prefer to keep the cards themselves in a bowl or small tray to prevent them from moving around when the child is taking the work.


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 Apple Number Clip Cards

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