I have been so excited to share our new Back to School Number Clip Cards! I have created a new format for our number clip cards, and I can’t get enough! I am also loving on the watercolor images I found for these cards! They’re so beautiful!

Back to School Number Clip Cards

Age: 3+

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Why use number clip cards?

Number clip cards are a fun way to reinforce number quantity. Children can practice counting the objects on the cards and relate this to the number symbol. Number sense is a very important skill that children must master in basic before they can learn addition, subtraction, money, time, etc. You can use these back to school number clip cards to help children practice these skills.

Please note, if your child is struggling with counting and number sense, you can try to take a step back. Practice skills such as sorting as a precursor to counting.

By adding the clothespins to this work, you can also provide a fine motor component. This is great for building hand muscles and developing finger strength. Young children need to have strong hands in order to properly grasp a pencil later. Using clothespins and picking up small objects is wonderful for developing fine motor strength.

To set up your own activities, you can use a few materials that you likely already have on hand.

Materials you need:

  • Back to School Printables
  • Clothes Pins
  • Beads or manipulatives
  • 2 bowls
  • Optional: Tray for presentation

How to Present

Print your cards on durable paper. I also recommend laminating if you will use with clothespins or will use our number clip cards with multiple children. If you do not have clothespins, you can ask children to place a manipulative on the correct answer or circle it with a marker. If you have laminated the cards, your students can use a dry erase marker.

Note how all of the different components are in separate bowls on the tray. I choose for this presentation to prevent objects, including the cards, from moving around on the tray.

I like to keep the different objects separate and the organization is logical. This way, children can clean up the work themselves independently. It is obvious and clear that each type of object has it’s own spot.

We used our cards together with our Montessori beads, but you can use any manipulative you would like.

You can use these cards with different manipulatives and objects. In this picture, I show different objects that you can bring out:

If you do not have them, don’t worry! You can simply use a manipulative to help your students count out the quantities on the cards.

How to use our back to school number clip cards

If you have not presented number clip cards before to your students, you may want to give a presentation. These are back to school themed. I, so if you are using at the beginning of the school year, it may be useful to give a presentation to your students. I always give extra presentations and review classroom rules and systems at the beginning of the school year.

Presenting Back to School Number Cards

  • Take the tray with the work. Invite your students to join you.
  • You can give a presentation by sitting with your students on the floor. We use a nice mat to place the cards on.
  • Place each of the cards in front of you. You can place them in the correct order from 0 to 9.
  • Count the number of objects on the card.
  • You can then count out the corresponding quantity of manipulatives underneath each card.
  • Next, place the clothespin on the correct answer.
  • Repeat these steps until each card has the correct quantity of manipulatives underneath it and has a clothespin on the correct answer.
  • Admire your work. You can count from 0-9 now, pointing to each card as you go.
  • Clean up your work and place the tray back on the shelf.

Remember, cleaning up the work is a very important part of your demonstration. Now, you can invite your students to take the activity and try it themselves!

Download Your Back to School Number Cards

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Back to School Number Cards

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