Have I told you before that creating fall activities is one of my absolute favorite things to do? I am so seriously obsessed with this time of year. I love the excitement of all of these amazing holidays, all delicious pumpkin things, and oh my word, do the children love seeing what our local farmers are growing! Let’s have a look at how this time of year has inspired some gorgeous fall activities for kindergarten!

Fall Activities for Kindergarten

Age: 4+
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Recommended Book: Because of an Acorn

Fall Leaves Sorting

One thing I really like to do at the start of the school year is discuss the change of seasons and introduce basic vocabulary. Children naturally notice the changes in nature as the weather becomes cooler. The colors of the leaves are particularly interesting to them. I love, love, love to use this Fall and Spring Leaves Sorting material from I Believe in Montessori.

These cards are absolutely stunning! I adore that Katherine uses real images here! She is one of my best friends and I can tell you for a fact that she has spent so much time searching for the perfect images to use here! I love these cards and ohhhh my kids just went wild for them! I had so many questions about nature, leaves, spring, fall, changing seasons!

To present this work, I keep each set of cards separate. If all the cards are mixed together, I find the children get overwhelmed and do not know which ones to match to each other.

For younger students, I would consider only presenting 4-5 sets of cards at a time. Katherine also includes a set of control cards! I love that the kids can check their work independently! However, I also add an additional control of error by adding matching dot stickers to the backs of each set.

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Autumn Shadow Matching

Shadow matching is just such a fun material! My kids all love these cards- whether it’s my preschoolers, kindergartners, or even my 8 year olds! This is a great material!

There are several important benefits to using shadow matching materials:

  • Improves concentration
  • Increases attention to detail
  • Improves vocabulary
  • Helps to classify objects
  • Children practice ability to find similarities and differences

Checkout our Leaf Letters for more fall fun! 

Again, I present cards like this by keeping the shadow cards and the color cards separate. This prevents overwhelm. Additionally, when the cards are presented logically, the children are able to begin the work independently with less confusion.

Get Your Fall Shadow Matching Printables Here

Fall in Paintings Close-Up Matching Activity

This material is so unique and beautiful! I cannot tell you how much I just love it! The images here are absolutely stunning and sparked so many interesting conversations! My students adored it even more than I did!

I think it is such a unique material to show children how different seasons are represented in paintings.

The magnifying glass here allows children to really explore the different details of the paintings. It is wonderful to watch them study the cards up close. Often, they notice even the tiniest of details that I would otherwise miss. This sparks new and interesting conversations that we have together as a class!

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