With all the gorgeous changes happening to the trees outside, my kiddos have been asking so many questions about leaves. I want to share some of my favorite leaves preschool activities with you! These are great for inquisitive children to explore and learn so much about the world around them!

Leaves Preschool Activities

Age: 4+
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Recommended BookLeaves: An Autumn Pop-up Book

Before we get to the activities, I recommend you read through this article about preserving real leaves for crafts and activities. This can be very useful for the activities below. Not all use real leaves, but I love to include real leaves (or other objects) where ever I can.


Leaves identification 3 part cards

Leaf Identification with real leaves

Leaves Letter Cards – fall writing tray


Leaf Counting

Real leaves size sorting

Leaf Fine Motor and Counting Activity

Miscellaneous and Crafts

Snake Craft with Leaves

Leaf Coloring Cards

Marbling Leaves Craft

Salt Dough Leaves

Shades of Leaves Cards

Spring and Fall Leaves Sorting Cards


Parts of a Leaf Cards

Why Leaves Change Color

Leaves Shape Study

Chromatography experiment

Practical Life and Fine Motor with Leaves

Leaf Crushing for Practical Life

Leaf confetti

Leaves cutting tray

Nature cutting tray

Leaves tracing or cutting strips

Leaves Pin Punching

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