Sunflower Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

I have been just waiting for fall to start so I could finally set up these sunflower activities for my kiddos! I love fall, and my kids at school get so excited seeing the big sunflower plants growing in the village farms! They’re beautiful and so interesting. The children ask so many questions about how sunflowers grow, why are there so many seeds, how do they taste?

I couldn’t wait to set up something that would take bounce off of their excitement! You’ll be able to set up your sunflower activities with our fun printables and hands-on activities!

Sunflower Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Age: 4+
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Recommended Book: Grow with me – Sunflower by Kate Riggs

This sunflower unit is a very fun one to do in the fall! One thing I really, really, reeaallly recommend you do is to find some real sunflowers to decorate your home or learning space with. You can leave them in a vase for children to enjoy, but I always like to leave one on a tray with a magnifying glass so the kids can really get close and explore.

You can see how to set up a sunflower fine motor activity in this wonderful article! There is just something so beautiful and touching about children observing nature up-close. They notice all of these tiny details! It is amazing! Also, I encourage them to remove the seeds. We bake them and then enjoy them as a snack! So much learning from this one flower!

I always introduce the life cycle studies with the spinner and poster. We discuss the phases of the life cycle first together.

For children who are able to read, I encourage them to use our 3 part cards.

I always present them on such a wooden tray that my husband makes for us. The three part cards contain all of the phases of the life cycle.

Note: I teach children to first layout all of the image cards. Then, they find the label. Last, they place the control cards on the right as a way to check their work.

Another way we use our three part cards is as a sequencing work. The children lay out all of the control cards in order of the sunflower life cycle. For a control of error, I write the number order of the stages on the back of the cards before laminating.

Checkout our Leaf Letters for more fall fun! 

You can also present the spinner and poster with the sequencing cards for an additional control of error.

Sunflower Activities – Counting

I admit that I have a bit of an obsession with creating themes. Once I start with a material, I struggle to stop until I have exhausted my ideas. That’s why I also just had to create a fun set of sunflower math activities to accompany our life cycle study!

You can see how we used our sunflower number clip cards here! These are great for adding a bit of a fine motor component to an activity to work those hand muscles!

I present these with small clothes pins, but you can use any number of manipulatives, such as sunflower seeds (how cute would that be?!), pom poms, marbles, or even have the child circle the answer with a white board marker, just make sure you laminate the cards.

For a control of error, I recommend writing the correct answer on the back of the cards so that children can check their work independently.

Alternative Sunflower Activities

Another fun activity is to invite the children to create a sunflower with these beautiful painted sunflower rocks!

Be sure to let children explore a real sunflower with this fine motor component!

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Sunflower Life Cycle

Sunflower Number Clip Cards

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