We are getting finishing up our fall themed activities on our shelves as we get full into the swing of pumpkin and Halloween theme materials! Today, I want to share with you several Montessori fall activities for kids that you can use in your classroom!

Fall Activities for Kids

Age: 4+
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Fall Objects 3 Part Cards

When discussing a topic for the first time, I like to introduce new vocabulary with three part cards.

Age: You can use these cards for children approximately between the ages of 3-6. Younger children can use the image and control cards for a matching work (2 part cards). Older children that are starting to read can use these as traditional 3 part cards. Using 2 and 3 part cards is great for helping children to understand and master information.

First, I always present Montessori 3 part cards on a custom tray that my husband makes for me. You can also get one from Montessori Services here.

If you do not have such a tray, you can use a normal tray and different bowls/plates to contain the cards. The idea is that the different types of cards should remain separate and should not move around on the tray.

This organized presentation helps children to easily identify how to use the work. This also makes it easy for children to recognize where each item goes when they are cleaning up (an important step to completing any work).

You can use the image cards in combination with a Montessori 3 part lesson to teach new vocabulary to kids. Here is how I present new vocabulary:

  1. Take the tray and place it on your mat on the ground (or table, or wherever you work).
  2. Lay out the image cards in front of you. Leave enough space for control cards to the right of each image card, and labels underneath each image card. image card.
  3. Gather the materials, and put them back on the tray.
  4. Bring the tray back to its spot on the shelving unit.
  5. Next, match the label cards to the image cards. Place them underneath each image card.
  6. Check your work by adding the control cards to the right of each

Now it’s your child’s turn!

Fall Sand Tray

I also switch up the writing tray cards and presentation that I offer. You can see here that I used  our fall leaf letter cards to create an invitation to practice writing letters. Using sand trays is a great pre-writing exercise that builds finger strength as well as confidence in beginning writers!

Use these leaf letter cards to create hands-on learning activities for kids. These are perfect for a preschool, kindergarten, or Montessori classroom.

Checkout our Fall Book Recommendations for more fall fun! 

My fall letter printables pack includes more than just letter cards though! We also have fall themed word cards that children can use to practice writing words.

Use these leaf letter cards to create hands-on learning activities for kids. These are perfect for a preschool, kindergarten, or Montessori classroom.

You can use these word cards to create fall activities for your kids in several ways:

  • Provide the word cards with a sand or salt tray to practice hand writing
  • Have the child write the words on a chalk board
  • Ask the child to write the words on paper
  • Use with letter cards by asking the child to make the word using the letter cards. This can reinforce spelling.

In addition to the fall themed word cards, I also included a set of sight words with a fall twist! Children can select a card, then practice writing this word in the sand.

I love the way that they use so many of their senses with this material. I also add a bit of cinnamon to the sand, and it just helps everything to get this perfect fall feel!

Materials you need to create your fall writing tray:

  • Leaf Letter Cards
  • Laminator
  • Sand
  • 2 trays – one large, one smaller
  • Cinnamon stick (optional)

I give the children a cinnamon stick as an option. They can use their fingers or the stick. One more thing I would like to note is that in practice, I place the tray with the sand inside of a larger tray. This helps to contain the sand and keep it from going everywhere. We still get sand spills, but this helps to keep it a bit more tidy.

Fall Pin Poking

Another work that we love at all times of the year is pin poking. I have a collection of assorted pin punching materials that I like to swap out for the kids. Pin punching is a fantastic pre-writing work that not only helps to develop hand muscle strength, but also helps children to increase concentration and focus.

It is amazing how they can sit with such determination and work on this. Last year, we explored leaf pin poking during the fall. Now, I have also created a larger fall themed pin poking set.

Montessori Fall Activities Leaf Pin Punching

Materials you need to create your fall pin poking work:

  • Pin puncher
  • Foam or board for placing paper on
  • Tray for presentation
  • Printables or paper for punching

The idea with this work is very simple – the child uses a push pin to cut out the image on the cards along the dashed lines. Then, the child may choose to decorate the image by coloring it, placing stickers on it, or gluing decorative pieces onto it.

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