Autumn is such a fun time to explore corn. Today, I want to share our corn life cycle activities with you! My students love using the spinner and hands-on activities to learn about corn. It’s a great time of year for this theme since children are able to see fields of corn growing in rural communities (like where we live) or visit corn mazes.

Corn Life Cycle Activities

Age: You can use these cards for children approximately between the ages of 3-6.

We start the unit by discussing vocabulary surrounding the life cycle of a corn plant. For this purpose, I use three part cards. Children who cannot read yet can use the image and control cards for a matching work (2 part cards). Older children that are starting to read can use these as traditional 3 part cards. Using 2 and 3 part cards is great for helping children to understand and master information.

After I present the general vocabulary, we move on to discussing the general life cycle of a corn plant. For this lesson, I present the spinner and life cycle gluing work.

Children can cut out the circles with the phases of a corn plant’s life cycle. You can present the poster as a way for children to check their work.

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To reinforce the phases of the life cycle, you can also present the life cycle sequencing cards. Here, I add a control of error to the back of the cards, by writing a number on them (1-7). This way, children can lay out the cards in order, and flip them to check their work. This work also comes with a poster that you can present as a way to check their work. The posters can also be used as classroom art.

You can present the sequencing cards with a mat for the children to place the cards on.

Another activity my students love is creating their own life cycle books. We use these half page coloring pages to create beautiful little books!

They take such ownership of their work! 

For more advanced learners, I have also included an anatomy of a corn kernel poster. There is a blank version where students can write the words in themselves, as well as a poster.

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Corn Life Cycle

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