The Best Resources Human Body Books for Kids for the Perfect Unit Study

As we have been exploring our human body theme, I have been searching for some high quality books and learning materials that I can use alongside my lessons. Today, I am excited to share with you some of the fantastic human body books for kids that I have found to use in our classroom!

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Resources and Human Body Books for Kids

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We had so much fun with this theme in the past. This year, I wanted to add a few new learning materials and books to really get the kids interest and attention. I am sharing some of ou‎r top picks for books and educational materials. I don’t want to overwhelm you with the idea that you need to buy all the items you come across, but rather want to share several very cool materials!

Books about the Human Body for Kids

The Body (My First Discoveries)

I love these books! Every book we have purchased in the My First Discoveries series has been wonderful! Filled with interesting overlays, simple language, and fun facts, the children just adore them!

How the Body Works (My First Discoveries)

Again, this is another fantastic book about the human body from the My First Discoveries series! We have both of these books and love them!

Discovery Plus, Human Body

This one is my absolute favorite! After my son outgrew the My First Discoveries books, my mom was kind enough to send us this one from the United States. We love, love, love it! It is filled with interesting flaps, pockets, and overlays. The language is wonderful and it is just a fantastic book!

First Human Body Encyclopedia

This book contains so much wonderful information! It is filled with real images

Me and My Amazing Body

This is a great book for young children to learn about their bodies. The language is simple and is great for preschoolers.

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Ultimate Bodypedia: An Amazing Inside-Out Tour of the Human Body

This is a national geographic book is filled with interesting facts for children, experiments, and basic information about how the body works. We love these types of books!

Look Inside: Your Body

This is such a cool book with many interesting facts for children! There are many flaps for children to lift and discover what is hiding underneath. We just love books like this!

Learning Materials about the Human Body for Kids

Amazing Anatomy Models

Muscles and Skeleton 4d Model

Human body model with removable parts

Magnetic Human Body Anatomy Set

Girl Layers of the Body Puzzle

Boy Layers of the Body Puzzle

Organs Apron

Magnetic Body Exploration Set

Safari Ltd Internal Organs Toob

Amazing Human Anatomy Tray

Internal Organs Game

Felt Anatomy Model

More Amazing Books for Kids

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