It’s that time of year again! We are seeing pumpkins everywhere and of course that translates to some fun, pumpkin themed materials going up on our shelves! Today, I will show you our newest set of pumpkin number clip cards – perfect for reinforcing number quantity and getting some fine motor practice in.

Pumpkin Number Clip Cards

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Why use number clip cards?

Number clip cards are a fun way to reinforce number quantity. Children can practice counting the objects on the cards and relate this to the number symbol. Number sense is a very important skill that children must master in basic before they can learn addition, subtraction, money, time, etc. You can use these pumpkin number clip cards to help children practice these skills.

Please note, if your child is struggling with counting and number sense, you can try to take a step back. Practice skills such as sorting as a precursor to counting.

By adding the clothespins to this work, you can also provide a fine motor component. This is great for building hand muscles and developing finger strength. Young children need to have strong hands in order to properly grasp a pencil later. Using clothespins and picking up small objects is wonderful for developing fine motor strength.

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Presentation of Pumpkin Number Clip Cards

I like to present activities neatly and logically. A very important step in the process of completing works is cleaning up the material. It is important that the presentation is simple so that children can know how the work needs to be completed, as well as cleaned up. Keep only the materials you actually need on the tray and during the demonstration of this material.

To set up the work, I recommend the following materials:

  • Pumpkin number clip cards
  • Small clothes pins that are convenient for children’s fingers
  • A counter or manipulative, such as apple seeds or pom poms
  • 2 bowls
  • Tray

I keep each material separate and in individual bowls when presenting this work to my students. The counters should be in a separate bowl, as well as the clothespins. I also prefer to keep the cards themselves in a bowl or small tray to prevent them from moving around when the child is taking the work.

Get your set of Pumpkin Number Clip Cards


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Pumpkin Number Clip Cards

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