With the holidays just around the corner, I wanted to share some gift ideas with you for children who love nature! There is such a wide variety of types of items on this list. I looked for items that I would also welcome into my own home. I had so much fun putting this gift guide for children who love nature!

I do want to point out that I have included a few books about nature, but there are so many fantastic books out there. If you need more suggestions, I would like to point you towards my list of books about Forests and books about fall.

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Gift Guide For Children Who Love Nature

For exploring the outdoors


Butterfly pavilion

Kids’ Aerogarden

Crystal Tree

Insect House

Nest Swing

Small Metal Watering Can

Science Kit



Exploring Animals and Insects

Schleich Animals

Insect X-Ray Cards

Animal X-Ray Cards

Dog Anatomy Model


Elements Stacking Blocks – Water

Elements Stacking Blocks – Fire

Wooden Block Set Dream World

Assorted Wooden Animal Blocks



National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic Little Kids

Tall Tall Tree

On The Nature Trail

I am Jane Goodall

Tracks, Scats, and Signs

A Forest Habitat

A Log’s Life

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Trees, Leaves & Bark

Nature Anatomy Book

Life Sized Animal Tracks 


Plan Toys Preschool Bee Hive

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

Uno Wilderness

National Parks Yahtzee

Go Fish

Go Find It

Clothes and More!

Log Pillow

Bear Bedding

Nature Rocks Tee

Explore Tee

Jackalope Tee

Tree Hugger Tee


Flower Press Ki

My Nature Journal

Animal Tracks Stamps

Please do note, I put this list together to give you ideas. I am in NO way suggesting that you should buy everything on this list or even most of it. The way my husband and I do holidays is with a very strict budget (100 euro per kid). We keep our celebration small and family oriented. The gift list here is meant to inspire, not to pressure you into buying things. Every family has a different budget and a different routine for the holidays and I completely respect that.

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