We are starting to switch gears from Winter themed materials to spring learning activities. Today, I am happy to share a brand new material with you that is perfect for spring and busy little hands!

Spring Learning Activities – Building Blocks Cards

I was inspired to create something that my Lego lover would enjoy, and boy did I strike gold with these cards! There is just something so magical about building with Lego that leaves my kids absorbed in their work. I love the fine motor component, the concentration, and the pure joy I see on their little faces whenever we get out the Lego blocks!

While my kids look at these cards and see something fun, I know there is a lot more going on beyond just building beautiful creations! Children will be developing math skills, preparing their hands for writing, and developing concentration all at the same time. Now, that is a win!

When they use our mats, they are working on developing all of these skills:

  • Fine motor strength
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Counting
  • Color sorting
  • Concentration

I love it when I can present a material that is fun, while simultaneously teaching so many fantastic skills!

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How to use your spring learning activities

To prepare this work, you will need:

  • a collection of building blocks (we love Lego brand!)
  • building blocks task cards (you can download these at the end of this post for free!)
  • Optional: laminator or page protector
  • Dry erase markers

Each card also comes with an additional task for students to analyze the projects they are creating! You can choose whether you want to use the mats that ask children to count the blocks used or write the word. This set comes with a black and white version, as well as a colored version for your convenience!

After you have decided which mats to use, your children can build the images on the paper or use a lego mat. When the image has been built, children can count how many bricks they used of each color.

Then, they can practice writing by answering the question at the bottom of the sheet. Because of the writing component, I do laminate these sheets. I find they last longer this way, as well, since they pass through so many little hands. If you have laminated the sheets and you are using a dry erase marker, I would recommend providing a sponge or cloth for your child to clean their work independently.

You can also put them on a binder ring to keep them together.

Grab your copy of this set here below!

Download Your Spring Building Blocks Cards


  • 9 task cards with counting component
  • 9 task cards with writing component
  • Black and white version of all cards
Download Printables long
Spring Building Blocks Cards

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