These bird themed printables are such a beautiful way to practice those all too important scissor skills! Scissor strips are a fun way to encourage little ones to practice using scissors, a very important skill that is difficult to master. 

Bird Themed Printables for Scissor Practice

Goal: Practice scissor skills, using proper and safe grasp while neatly cutting along the dashed line.

Why use scissor strips

Toddlers and children learning to use scissors, first learn to ‘snip’ paper rather than cut along a longer line. These printables are perfect for children learning to snip or transitioning to cutting along lines.

Strips such as these provide opportunities for working on scissor grasp with a visually appealing pattern. These bird themed printables offer an interesting visual to young children with brightly colored images of real birds. 

Note: When presenting cutting strips, be sure to provide a bowl or plate for your child to place the cut pieces. This will keep the work very neat and organized. 

After your child has cut the different images, you can re-use them to create a beautiful work of art! 

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You can do this by providing a glue stick, piece of paper, and the images your child cut out. Now, they can practice gluing skills with the same printable! Two activities from one material! Awesome, right?! 

The first time you present this type of activity to your child, you will want to demonstrate how they can do it. Be very slow and intentional in each of your actions as you do this. Show how to properly hold the scissors, as well as how to cut the paper neatly. 

Your child will not be able to mimic you perfectly the first time. This is normal and to be expected! Children will not be able to cut in a straight line after the first presentation. In fact, you may need to demonstrate proper scissor grasp multiple times before your child will be able to correctly hold the scissors. 

After all, the goal of using such printables is to provide a fun and hands-on way to practice a very important skill. It may take a while for your child to master this skill.

Try presenting different types of scissor strips to your child in order to provide many opportunities to use scissors. 

The bird images are brightly colored and can be used to spark many conversations about different types of birds, too! 

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